2007 Player Awards Finalists...

here we are

I'm surprised that Joseph beat out Joe Smith

and i'm also Surprised that Clermont beat out Fantuz.

2007 Rogers CFL Player Awards Finalists

QB – Kerry Joseph – SSK
QB – Kevin Glenn – WPG

SB – Jason Clermont – BC
DE – Doug Brown – WPG

DE – Cameron Wake – BC
DE – Jonathan Brown – TOR

T – Rob Murphy – BC
T – Dan Goodspeed – WPG

DE – Cameron Wake – BC
P/K – Nick Setta – HAM

RB – Ian Smart – BC
RB – Dominique Dorsey – TOR

A bit surprised that Joseph got the call ahead of Burris. I guess with 7 wins and a third place finish, that may have played a part.

I'm disappointed that Smith didn't get in, surprised that Murphy did, considering all the bad press he's gotten this year.

Not surprised about Joe Smith not getting in. He was steady, got the job done. QB's are flashy, in the spot light. I figured it would be either Burris or Joseph. Both are good choices.

Clermont was not a surprise. He's been consistant all year. As discussed in another thread, Fantuz had some great weeks, but he also had some weeks early in the season where he had difficulty catching a cold. If Fantuz can be consistant next year, he could win it in 2008.

yea but all B.C. Lions??

like no one else was any better?

Dude... We got the MOP. Quit complaining lol

I like Joseph. Not only did he have a couple dozen TD passes, but he also rushed for 13. I'd definitely give him the nod ahead of Burris.

What I don't like is Glenn getting the nod in the East. Yes, he was dominating in the first half of the season, but check out the second half.

Six weeks he completed less than 60% of his passes. He threw for less than 200 yards in 3 games. He threw 9 picks compared to 3 earlier. In the first half he was constantly getting a rating of 100 of higher. In the second half he got 42.9 and 56.5.

Holly B.C. bias batman.


Clermont got the nod because he has the best stats for a canadian receiver in the west, and Fantuz sat out last game. Really, he HAD to get it. I'm a bit surprised at BC domination again, given the good teams in the west, but each one deserves their award. In my opinion, unless Glenn has an outstanding game this week, Joseph has won MOP.

they vote on the MVP before the season ends.. so once the last game is played.. they'll have their choices made!

then we'll find out Saturday Night before the Grey Cup!!


I see no surprises on the list.
KJ may actually win the award now, as Kevin Glenn has tailed off and KJ has been playing great football.
Joe Smith was never in the running (pardon the pun). He had a terrific season--really good for a Lion RB and personally, but his numbers are actually quite ordinary for a RB.
Henry Burris was terrible at the beginning of the year, and injured late, plus his team has underachieved. All adding up to no nod for him.

Clermont has had a terrific year, so he deserves the CPA.
Fantuz was in the mix until he didn't play most of the last 2 games. Meanwhile Clermont has played very well.
It'll be tough for Brown, a defensive player to beat out an offensive player in the final vote.

Defensive player--I am not surprised that Wake got the nod and he will likely even win, but that doesn't make him the best defensive player in my book.
While they double team Williams and Johnson, he gets the sacks. And sacks get votes in this catagory.
I think Fred perry also had a terrific year, but has also been double teamed so fewer sacks.

Rob Murphy may actually deserve his nomination this year. No way was he the best olineman last year. The award is at least partially a team award and if your team can't protect the QB or run the ball, like last years Lion team, it is tough to see how he gets the award.
But this year, they have protected the QB and run the ball effectively.
Same with Goodspeed. A nominee from the two best teams at protecting the QB seems logical, and the 1-2 RBs to boot.
murphy should win.

Rookie--if you get nominated as Defensive player, you're going to get the rookie nod. Tough for a kicker to win this. I was slightly surprised a kicker got this far. But he has been good.
The guy I picked, Cam Hall just didn't have enough sacks, I guess.

Special teams is a no brainer.
Ian Smart has been the front runner all year. The only guys close to him in combined yards have too many yards from scrimmage.
Dorsey has been terrific, but only played half a season.
So Smart should win here.

No BC bias. These guys deserve their nominations.
Calgary and Edmonton have not had the team or individual performances that draw votes in these things.
But get used to the Lion factor, because they likely will win all the awards they are still in the running for...

Predicted winners:

MOP - Joseph - easier better than Glenn
Canadian - Clermont - offense over defence
Devensive - Brown - reward for Argos D
O Lineman - Goodspeed - 116 more pass attempts and one less sack. Almost identical rushing average
Rookie - Wake - not even close
Special Teams - Smart - Would have been close if Dorsey had been there a year. As it is, slam dunk for Smart.

The only problem i see here is that the O Lineman award is an individual award and your reasoning is based on the performance of the entire line. You have to look ate what each player did individually to contribute to the success of the O Line. Granted, this award is probably the most difficult to pick due to the nature of the position.

Its good to see a boat load of Lions up for awards again.

Who do you think should have been the West finalist for Canadian and why?

Gonna suck for those Lions to be at the awards ceremony during Grey Cup week when the Riders are playing in the game, eh? :slight_smile:

Kerry Joseph = MVP
Saskatchewan Roughriders = Grey Cup Champs!

  • you heard it here 1st!!!!

Lions fans- who would you pick as your # 1 quarterback
-Dave Dickenson- forever injured.
-Buck Pierce- must be contagious - same as above
-Jarious Jackson- starting to wear down
-Kerry Joseph- healthy as a horse. Runs for touchdowns, throws for touchdowns - does it ALL!!!

My point is that you need a quarterback who will last the season. NO disrespect to DD or Bucko but if I was a GM I would be very leery about signing them because they are injury prone always!!! That is why the Lions will lose the Grey Cup!!!

Like last year?

Riders have to get by Calgary first.....Keep thinking ahead though, keep taking Calgary for Granted.......

Any good lineman knows it is one unit...

Except Ive read and said it myself multiple times... lol