2007 Officiating: Have your say!

A thread regarding Referees and play review (in Ti-Cats Chat) prompted me to post this poll.

Hoping that it would generate more response than a general discussion, please feel free to add any constructive ideas or comments.

Please vote, officiating is a vital part of Our Game, maybe we can help the B.O.G. in the right direction!

I don't even think that Jake Ireland is Irish.

I'm pretty sure Jake Ireland is Canadian.

Somebody told me yesterday Andre Proulx was French. I didn't even know they played 3 down football in France....

CFL Officiating IMHO has reached an all-time low, not just the fiasco on Friday but all season and no team appears immune to the debacle. What then should the league do to conjure up credibility for their officials.

I'm not opposed to hiring American Refs if this is the best we can do here, but in the immediate future, Jake Ireland can't do it any more, Andre Proulx never could and the buck needs to stop on Blacks desk.

What yet another CFL ref poll not bad I think this is the fourth if I am not mistaken. CFLeskfan do not take it so hard we all have been burned by bad refs. That one on Saturday was one of the best bad calls. But nothing can be done move on wait for the next one.


but this thread is about the quality of the officiating, not the cultural background of the referees.

Im sure, cflesksfan, that posters from every team can tell stories of how their team lost a game or had bad calls against them. I agree with 05, time to move on, this wont be the last time we are going to talk about a bad call during a game. It just doesnt happen in the CFL either, it happens in all sports, to all teams.

I would like to ask the Mod who change my post why he/she did this. The poll I posted offered suggestions for what has been a horrendous year of officiating and you replace it with this watered down version. It is my opinion that heads should roll starting with George Black, and not just because of the Proulx fiasco.

Just like Proulx decided to take matters into his own hand, the Mod responsible for this thinks he/she is more important than the game.

I’m an esk fan upset at the call like most people. However I’m a CFL fan, and pissed off all around at the calls going bad all over the league this season. Mostly against the roughriders. The thing I’m most upset about is that if a team or player speaks out against the ref’s they are fined up to $10’000. WHY AREN’T THE REF’s punished at all for making these stupid calls. There are so many bad calls this season and you don’t hear a single comment from the CFL about what it’s doing to prevent these bad calls from happening. It’s like we need a ref just to watch over the ref’s, and it should’t be this way. Start fining the ref’s for bad calls, instead of the teams who speak out and you will see this problem go away!

They are punished, in an assortment of ways, in private. Im not sure if I like it but it is true that no pro league publicly disciplines officials. Some days I wish it could be more transparent.



I don't believe your thread was replaced. Infact I beleive that the thread i started on friday, and yours from sunday were merged.

This is defenitely not a watered down version either. The poll in this thread allows for a more emidiate (and possibly mor effective) expression of your oppinion on the level and quality of officiating, while the comment section allows you to offer feed-back and possible solutions. Just thought I could help clear that up. :wink:

Get rid of replay and use the money for better training and recruitment. Until TSN & CBC can put in more camera's replay will remain a joke.

Actually it is watered down, the options I offered suggested that heads should roll, starting with George Black. As well my point is, why would a Mod take it upon Himself or herself to change what is posted, providing it was not abusive. IMO this Mod stepped out of line.

Such a letdown... just like Tom Canada. :lol:

Thats a big problem then if every team is getting burned by bad calls it means that there has been 8 or more calls that were completely wrong and affected the outcome of a game. That is far too many and it's embarrassing as all hell. They cant be eliminated completely (give how large a percent of the human population is stupid inevitably a few officials will fall into that category) but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done as far as officiating

You're right that mistakes cannot be eliminated completely.

Someone posted that there should be an official for the refs, that would be Mr. Blacks job. Now in the first year of a position having been created, Mr. Black is acting as a sort of pathfinder, setting the foundation for a role that will become increasingly important.

Does anyone have any ideas how Officiating could become more consistant?

I often wonder why i see the same two head officials fr nearly every game of the year(i know this is an exageration)? Proulx, and Ireland. How come the team of officials isn't rotated, to develope the skills of other professionals?