2007 NFL Draft first overall pick

Who will the Oakland Raiders draft first overall?

Please vote on my poll and leave any other thoughts or comments you have on this years draft.

Here is my top 5 pick mock draft:

1-Oakland-QB Jamarcus Russell
2-Detroit-QB Brady Quinn
3-Cleveland-DE Gaines Adams
4-Tampa Bay-WR Calvin Johnson
5-Arizona-OT Joe Thomas (who is my top pick in this draft)

I think this topic would be better suited for THIS forum.. it really has NOTHING to do with the Cats

And who really cares?

Move it!- Most nfl first round picks are Flops! IMo-Pampered primadonassis who played on good teams and get all the credit!

*Lions will trade Down to 4 with Tampa
Pick up Get a Extra 2nd and 4th Round Pick.
1-Oakland-QB Jamarcus Russell
2 Tampa WR Calvin Johnson *
3-Cleveland-Brady Quinn
4-Detroit Gains Adams *
5-Arizona-OT Joe Thomas

oakland-calvin johnson
detroit-brady quinn
clevland-adrian peterson
tampa-calivin johnson
arizona-joe thomas
washington-gaines adams
vikings-jamarcus russel
atl-laron landry
miami-amobi okeye
houston-marshawn lynch

I hoping that no NFL team picks up
nfl draft prospect 'Kevin Huff' he has
blazing speed for a QB, which is what the
cats lack in a QB right now.he also has
a strong arm.

If that's what you want then you aught to put pressure on your team to sign Ted White before it's too late.

And I'm no fan of Huff, this guy chokes late in games.

With the first pick the RAIDERS will select receiver Calvin Johnson, no way Al Davis takes a qb, he had Ted White on his roster way back in 02 and cut him, so he obviously doesn't know a good qb when he sees one.

If that Happens the lions will take Russell
the Dominos will start fall..