2007 Grey Cup: Who's the half-time show act?

Have the Grey Cup organizers announced who will be the half time show/act for the Grey Cup in T.O.? When will we find out?

…Britney Spears…

Great Big Sea and the Barenaked Ladies

Trooper, Tom Cochrane, the Canadian Idol winner and a Guess Who reunion?

Whatever happened to Patsy Gallant and Rene Simard…

Turkeybend and his singing puppets!~ :lol:

The Police

someday it will probably come to that.

That brings up disturbing imagines of another topic...

Whoever it is, hopefully they're better than Nelly Furtado. Don't care me wrong, I like Nelly, but she's not that great live... or at least I don't think so. :lol:

Gets my vote! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think they should try something different. Are there any good non XXX stand up comediens out there these days??

Maybe they could bring in Bill Cosby.

Gary Gulman! He's great, and maybe only curses once or twice in his entire CD.

Marty York reports that Ann Murray, Celine Dion, and some Turkey farmer from Saskatchewan, will head the half time show in Toronto.

How about the Arrogant Worms singing that Pirates from Saskatchewan song. I still laugh thinking about that song!

Now THAT would be a classic HT show!


Hey sporty, here is Great Big Sea's version of the Last Saskatchewan Pirate...

[url=http://profile.imeem.com/cxkhFb/music/22_F8Kf7/the_last_saskatchewan_pirate/]http://profile.imeem.com/cxkhFb/music/2 ... an_pirate/[/url]

John Avery, doing his fairwell impression of Pinball, since the Argos won’t likely be playing in the game. :wink:

Whomever it is, as long as the Toronto organizers don't crap the bed on HT like what happened in Vancouver two years ago, it's alright with me.

The Irish Rovers Reunion Tour - actually they would be great!!

RLR/FYB, do those guys still have that bar on the old Expo Grounds? What was it called, the Unicorn? That place was great!