2007 Grey Cup Rematch

Ryan Dinwiddie vs Kerry Joseph tonight. Riders vs Esk. This time KJ gets beat down.

Quite honestly there might not have been anything the Esks could have done differently for me to dislike them more than bringing Tillman in. I like to dislike Tillman and cheer against him. I also love to dislike the Esks and cheer against them. Now that Hall is not at the reigns I can unleash my full rath agianst them. Should be a fun one in the rain tonight.

Go Riders

...I suggest slowing working up to game-level 'boos'...you dont' want to strain a vocal cord coming out of the off-season too boisterous, gargling with grain-alcohol would be advised too...

above all, remember, this is pre-season so keep it for now to vanilla insults involving army boots and back-shaving....

I hate both teams, makes it tough to watch without cheering for one or the other, but I suppose I’ll cheer for the Eskie’s just because they’ve been so pathetic of late and could use a hug :lol:

Billy's cheating. You're not allowed to let cfl use your account to post. :thdn:

Haha, it turns out I was more interested in what the riders were doing then what the evil empire was doing, so I didn't go into full season mode. Did get suprisingly loud though with so few fans there right at the end. Was pretty damn fun being back at Taylor Field though. Highly entertaining considering it was a preseason game and the weather involved.

And Chief, cflis is not the only Rider fan who hates the eskimos. In fact if you are a Rider fan and you like the Esks, you would probably be in the extreme minority.

Jealousy's a horrible quality, man. :wink: