2007 Grey Cup presale

I don't know if this has been posted anywhere on the site yet, so I'll post this on the main forum...

All of those who are interested in attending the 2007 Grey Cup game in Toronto, there will be a special 24-hour presale opportunity for fans across Canada to score some choice tickets to the game.

The presale is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 19th at 4 p.m. ET through www.ticketmaster.ca or the Argos' ticket office at (416) 341-2746. Once this presale period ends on Friday, October 20 at 4, non-Argo season ticket holders won't be able to get tickets until March (unless you're on the waiting list).

Tickets in the "Platinum" (200-level), "Gold" (100-level sidelines), and "Crimson" (100-level end zones) price levels also include your ticket to the Vanier Cup the Friday night before.

So, if any of the members here at CFL.ca are interested in "jumping the line" for the first GC held in Toronto since 1992, here's a primo chance to do it.

Probably only open to Candain residents though :cry:

Probably, geo, but no harm in trying it out for a larf on Thursday afternoon to see if it'd let ya get away with it. :wink:

Actually I have been surprised here in Toronto with all of the advertising on radio for this "one day only sale".

I dont see why it would be open only to Canadian residents!

Can somebody tell me where the best seats in the Roger's Center are for football games? I want to be sure to get my tickets in the best section possible.

There's a tool through the Toronto Grey Cup website where you can eyeball the vantage points of most of the sections available at the ArgoDome.. er, Rogers Centre. The only problem is, most of the $89 nosebleed end zone seats aren't featured in the tool.


That was great. Thanks for the link. I'm liking Section 132 about 2/3rds of the way up.

I think that it is open to every one.
It is through ticket master.ca :thup:

I Find The Best Seats Are 200 Level, Your A Bit Farther Away But It Allows You To Have A Good View Of The Entire Field. 132's Pretty Good Too Though, You'll Be Right At The 50 Yard Line. I Just Don't Like Sitting In The 100 Level Cause Your So Low That When The Plays In The Other End I Tend To Get Distracted By Players/Tv Crews/Cheerleaders The Are In Front Of Me. And If The Cheeries Are In Front Of Me Then I'll Miss At Least Half The Game Just Staring At Them.

I purchased my tickets last night in section 130 Can't wait for the Grey Cup to come to the Dome.The sale is open to everyone.
Cheers. :rockin:

I have 2 tickets in the VIP section 224A on level 200.

What I like is that with the more expensive tickets you also get a VAN. CUP ticket , included.

The VAN. CUP is on Friday the same week end!

Plus I hear rumours that included in the Platinum 200-level tix you get a special pre-game party and a swag pack, but I'll just file that under the "rumour file" for now.

I am pretty sure that party will happen...ect...but it does cost a little extra. I don't know what kind of extra party , but I will take it. :thup:

No worries about finding a place to drink before the game because you are already there. No worries about GREY CUP stuff selling out :thup:

I just bought 2 more 2007 GREY CUP tickets in the section 540 , row 1 , for my 2 friends. :thup: :thup: