2007 Grey Cup Champs V. 2008 Grey Cup Champs

This game is already huge!

This is what the CFL is all about!

Grey Cup Champs from the previous two years fighting to reclaim their title!

I have heard that Burris is a CHICK magnet and that he will be fending off #97 all day!

I have also heard that the Stamps are coming in expecting to show some things they haven't shown yet this year. I presume if the Riders shut down whatever it is the Stamps haven't shown yet, the Stamps will be in trouble.

I also have heard that the Stamps were really upset by their last loss. I figure that the Stamps may be battling with emotion.

The key to victory is shutting down the emotional roller coaster the Stamps are on and preventing them from executing dangerous plays. Thus, simply play solid football and the 2009 Roughriders are headed to 2009 Grey Cup!

Sorry for the bias but feel free to retaliate.

...don't apologize for biasness, we all do it...this week of trash talking is going fun so far...

...word is it's called the 'Forward Pass'...when executed properly it can have a devastating effect on the opposing team....the stamps used this particular attack very well last year....lately, not so much....

Expect to see more of the "not so much" from the the STUMPS this Sunday!

Both qb's have been up and down but Burris has the edge with more experience. Stamps win by 7 but it'll be close.

Not only are you wrong but you are not right.

saskatchewans lack of running game compared to the stamps could become an issue if the weather gets a little nasty for passing.

but it wont.

I’m thinking this is going to be a very close game. Maybe even overtime.

the snow and cold has arrived here in the southern alberta region. whats it like in regina right now?

Come on. Alberta's getting snow, Jersey's getting snow. Where's my snow!!! :lol: I hope it's snowing in Regina. I love snowy games. :smiley:

im thinging that could be the stamps best shot if it gets nasty out, and the ground game becomes a bigger factor. in the air, durrant is really commin into his own. almost lookin like a certain MOP in 2004...