2007 GC least watched in GC history.

It's Friday morning, and all we are doing here at work is talking about the upcoming game. All the pools are full and none can be found.

So excitement in Calgary is high and strong.

yeehaw! 2 days to go!!!

If Sand Deigo and Arizona were playing, would that make it more relevant for Toronto fans?

[quote="EE"] Riders win by dafault.quote]

Not so fast!

Everyone thought B.C would stomp Montreal because Brady was starting, what happened? Brady passed for 300 yards!

Besides, all the pressure is on Saskatchewan. Winnipeg is suppose to lose, so hey, what pressure is on Winnipeg?

Anything is possible in the CFL! And most importantly, anything is possible in the championship game of a Football game.

I think it will be a great time and very close.
Hey EE, I would not worry about a massachre.
We have not had a massachre since 1990 when the Bombers massachred the Eskimos 50 to 11,lol

Hey I love the Esks and it breaks my heart too that they currently stink as a team, but I also have a soft spot for every other CFL team because I just happen to really love the league.

This is going to be a classic for the ages. May the best team win!

I wouldn't dream of missing the thrill of watching any Grey Cup game, no matter which teams were playing.
I've been a Ticat fan for decades. If the Cats were playing, it would truly be an event. (Somewhat rare, lately.)
But, no matter the teams involved, it's still a spectacle, and a truly Canadian one.

In passing, let's not be too critical of viewership in Toronto. You can't simply go by the numbers in their case. What we forget is that Toronto is NOT a city like the others we reside in. Toronto is rather a collection of communities, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Some of these communities are in themselves larger than some of what we usually consider as 'our' cities. There is no history of interest in the CFL, nor should we expect there to be.

Keep this in mind also, when discussing the imminent coming of the NFL. The potential fan base is not as large as some would project by simply looking at total population numbers.

Enjoy the game!

I am glad the rationale posters of this thread have injected some common in their arguments. Great posts by all. . . except EE.

If it was Toronto and Hamilton in the Grey Cup and they were playing in a western based city,I'd be there and if not I'd never miss it on the tube!! The ratings wouldn't suffer.1988..BC and Winnipeg playing in Ottawa. From what I remember the ratings didn't suffer and I know the attendance didn't because I was there!2001 Winnipeg and Calgary playing in Montreal was another example so I wouldn't worry about ratings or attendance for this one.

I'm not sure how many Bomber and Rider fans going to be at the game, but I hope it's a lot.

Canad Inns and Taylor Field are loud enough as they are, can you imagine the biggest Banjo Bowl ever, INSIDE A DOME?? Us prairie people will blow the roof off that place!

lmao-- a blue and green wave in the Bowl, -Carefull you dont get flushed into lake Ontario, j..k--- Go Riders, Go Bombers Give Canada and the world a Great game :thup: :rockin:


They have changed the Forum construction and I can't see where we can now set up a Poll.

So, B.C. Fans, who are you going for, the Riders? or the Bombers?

I'm going for the Bombers because I think they are the underdogs and I have very loose link to Boise state.

Overall, I just want a good game - and for the Refs to let the team play.