2007 GC least watched in GC history.

I can't see much interest in this game. Riders win by dafault. The game will be a formality. TV ratings are going to be way down because it's going to be a massacre.

This season has proven one thing. The team that can keep their QB healthy wins.

I guess a deafult win is still a win.

Poor Stegall, he was sooo close!

The sound of a fan who's team missed the playoffs for the secons year in a row!

Second year in a row???? Say it isn't so!

tis true I tells ya

How could Commissioner Campbell let that happen on his “watch” ?

Nice attitude EE.. talk about being Positive!! NOT..

the fans will watch! you don't realize how many Rider and Bomber fans are out there!!!

just cause your flimsy Esks are not there doesn't mean it's gonna fail.

Go easy on him cflisthebest. :wink: He is going through a period that all of us have experienced with our respective teams. He does not know how to react!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nah...he's just like this all the time...

the tv crowd will be good… there are about 3 million Rider Fans that can’t get to the game… so they’ll watch their team win.

and there are another 600,000 Bombers fans too that are going to watch.

I sincerely believe it will be a great game and the atmosphere created by prairie people will be refreshingly awesome!!
Prairie Pride Nation Wide!!!

p.s. every ex- manitoban and every ex- person from Saskatchewan who live in or near the Toronto area will be at the game!!!

Keep your attitude. You'll miss an amazing game though, a historic one at least.


Geez. This guy makes me wanna take down my Eskimos avy... :expressionless:

This game has the potential for monster ratings! Guess which team is playing every time the CFL sets a new TV ratings record over the past 10 years? Toronto?? Nope, it's the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Guess which team leads the CFL in Away attendance every year?? You, guess it...the Roughriders. Guess which team will have green clad fans tuning in from all corners of the world at all hours, from Riyad & Rosetown to Rotterdam & Reykavik to watch them? Yep. I guarantee you will see monster numbers from the 100's of millions of homes the 2007 Grey Cup will be broadcast in the U.S. and around the World!

You can't see much interest it this? Do you have a heartbeat? Everybody loves an underdog, and everyone will want to see just how well this hotshot rookie QB can play, thrust into the biggest game of his life! That's the added human interest storyline which should give a huge boost when the final numbers are tallied...Will you be watching??

Who wouldnt watch this game? This is the best rivalry in the CFL. All those people who say it is bad for the league that Toronto didn't make it are fools. If Torontonians can't wake up and start appreciating the CFL then they don't deserve a Grey Cup at home. Bomber and Rider fans have waited a long time so it is only fitting they would be playing eachother.

You know, Chief, when I did my 10 best & worst posters, I forgot to add one-- EE. Fitting in a way , because he is truly forgettable. He comes out from under his rock every so often to troll, and then crawls back. We know who the good Eskimo posters are , and the ones that are not. Don't let him discourage you Chief, I dont consider him a fan at all, just some idiot who only likes to provoke others.

Every team has their share of idiots, but there may be some truth to what EE says. I personally think this could go down as one of the greatest Grey Cups ever but there may be some lack of eastern audience(their loss). I have often said my dream Grey Cup match up would be Calgary and Edmonton but this one has to be a close second. Nonetheless there will be an element that thinks the lack of an eastern representative is a negative.

This is the time for the bread basket teams to enjoy the spotlight and more power to them. Anybody who says they won't be watching Sunday because of the combatents, simply is not a good CFL fan. One can never accuse Saskatchewan fans of being band-wagon fans.

Toronto may not be watching but I would venture to guess that the game will be well viewed in Hamilton, where the true Ontario CFL fans are.

I agree with you that all true CFL fans will watch the game regardless of who is playing. But I have faith in Toronto fans. The country was bombarded by stories about how "it's crucial that the Argonauts get into the Grey Cup game", and how losing that game means poor attendance/viewership for this championship. But these stories all come from the media. I think the fans themselves will show everyone that they love the CFL, and will support it and the Grey Cup game whether their team is in it or not.

Maybe I'm overly-optimistic, or naïve, but I believe the people will show that they are the ones who dictate what is popular. They will not allow it to be dictated to them by a media that may have its own agenda for wanting this whole thing to fail.

I've got to believe that.

Exactly , I’ve watched every GC game since 1976, no matter who the two teams were. The fact that two teams from the prairies are in it should not matter if you are a true fan of the league.

I think if the number of people watching is low, compared to other Grey Cups, it won't have so much to do with what teams are playing, but that a lot of people have given up on Winnipeg, now that Glenn is out.

Even still, I bet Rider fans' enthusiasm will spread to casual fans

I expect the game to be viewed by something in the 4,000,000 range as has been the case lately.
What might lose some “non-regular” viewers is if the game gets to one-sided, but I don’t think it will.