2007 Free Agents

Mike Beamish, Vancouver Sun
Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Though he began his personal workout
regimen for the 2007 season on Jan. 2,

Ryan Thelwell is mindful that
he's not preparing himself for B.C. Lions
training camp in Abbotsford, B.C.

Another interesting comment

Born in Jamaica and raised in London, Ont.,
Thelwell already has heard word from players
in cities closest to his hometown

-- the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts --

that at least two teams will be off and running
in an effort to sign him. And why not?

Over the past five seasons,
the only non-import receiver
to pick up more yards than Thelwell

was Montreal slotback Ben Cahoon.

Since 2002, in a slotback-dominated league,
Thelwell has put up numbers

-- 288 catches, 4,309 yards, 26 touchdowns --

that are nearly identical
to Lions teammate Jason Clermont,
considered one of the CFL's premier slots.

Clermont has 297 catches, 4,119 yards
and 27 touchdowns over the same span..

From the list I could see

  1. giving Kwame a second look.
  2. Ryan Thewell
  3. Anthony Malborough for some more competition
  4. Omarr Morgan
  5. Ezra Landry "mini bullet" straight up the field.

On the whole it is a slim picking list.