2007 Draft

I know someone who has a chance being drafted. He attended the LAVAL combine not the TRANSGLOBE but said he put some good numbers up.
Does anyone know if the draft ticker is going to be a LIVE Ticker posting the picks as they are made and what time does draft start?

The ticker is usually live and I believe the draft usually starts around 11AM or noon. I would think all this would be posted in the draft section here.

ya, It will say before.

It looks like the Draft Tracking is alot better then last year, they really upgraded it.
But they seem to be making fast progress on the website considering when it was started up, good to see.
Although the Front page hasn't been re-done so much in the last year.

There is a Draft Ticker on the College Draft Page.

Actually, I'm pretty impressed with the coverage the draft is getting, on the CFL website at least. It would be nice if the media paid some attention, too ...

Are you awair it will be webcast?

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=16042]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=16042[/url]

How many years is a player eligible to be drafted?
I mean I saw the list of eligible players, and if a player is not picked, can he be picked next year...or the year after?.Is there some sort of time frame involved?

I believe you're only draft-eligible once. Then, if you're NOT drafted, you'd need to sign on as a free agent.

It used to be that you could defer your draft year, which is why it might seem like some guys were eligible twice, but I thought I'd heard they'ddone away with that option. i could be wrong about that.

anyone know for sure?

Just to mention I noticed that on Wednesday The Score has a special program on the draft airing at 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Nice, I'll try and watch The Score then ... those times are eastern, I assume?

I also recall hearing that you could only be eligible for the draft once. Which starts at 1 ET, btw.

Found this article at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story/?ID=206143&hubname=. My question is, why did they include the part I've put in bold? Why was that necessary? What does that have to do with the questions that abound as we approach the CFL draft?!?

Questions abound leading up to CFL draft

Canadian Press

4/30/2007 6:22:34 PM

TORONTO (CP) - The big question leading up to the CFL's Canadian college draft Wednesday remains whether the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Edmonton Eskimos will hang on to the first two picks.

Presently, Hamilton has the first selection, with Edmonton at No. 2. But both are more than willing to deal leading up to the draft.

Hamilton secured the No. 1 pick by virtue of posting a league-worst 4-14 record. Rookie general manager Marcel Desjardins won't say exactly what his asking price is, but the Ticats need players capable of contributing immediately.

Hamilton also holds the fourth pick overall.

''It would be possible, but again it has to be something fairly substantial,'' Desjardins said of his willingness to deal either the first or fourth selections, or both. ''There needs to be somebody proven, somebody Canadian coming the other way as well as probably another draft pick.

''The likelihood of us being able to get something done isn't real high but we've got explore everything.''

Danny Maciocia, Edmonton's head coach and director of football operations, is also looking for something big for the No. 2 selection. The Eskimos were last in the West last year with a 7-11 record.

''I'm a firm believer your football team will only be as good as your Canadian content so before you make a move with any of your draft picks it had better be something that's going to knock your socks off,'' he said. ''Now, have we had that offer to date? No.

''Do I think we're going to get that offer? Probably not, but you always have to leave it out there and see what people are thinking.''

[b]On Saturday, JaMarcus Russell was taken first overall by Oakland in the NFL draft and former LSU quarterback is expected to sign a deal guaranteeing him US$30 million.

Compare that to the CFL, where the first player drafted can expect to sign a contract worth between $50,000 and $60,000, including a signing bonus of roughly $10,000.[/b]

One team in a good position to deal is the Calgary Stampeders, who have three first-round picks (third, fifth and sixth overall). The Montreal Alouettes might have only one pick (seventh overall) but GM Jim Popp has shown he's not afraid to pull the trigger on a draft-day trade.

The Grey Cup-champion B.C. Lions, at No. 8, have the final first-round selection. Winnipeg and Saskatchewan take their first players in the second round while Toronto won't pick until the fourth round.

For the first time ever, the CFL will carry the draft live via webcast on cfl.ca. The selection process will consist of six rounds, with 47 players to be taken.

Should the Ticats keep the No. 1 pick, shoring up a defence that allowed 372 yards per game and 495 points, both league highs, would seem a logical starting point. Defensive linemen J.P. Bekasiak, a six-foot-six, 305-pound Edmonton native who played defensive tackle at Toledo, and Corey Mace, a six-foot-three, 287-pound native of Port Moody, B.C., who played tackle at Wyoming, have both been mentioned as potential first-overall selections.

But that was before Mace signed an NFL free-agent deal with the Buffalo Bills on Monday.

However, Desjardins said with the off-season acquisition of lineman Nautyn McKay-Loescher (B.C., free agent) along with the presence of tackle Clinton Wayne, linebackers Ray Mariusz and Augustin Barrenechea as well as defensive backs Sandy Beveridge and Wayne Shaw, all non-imports, he feels Hamilton's Canadian content on defence is solid.

''We're looking for someone we think can come in and contribute right away,'' Desjardins said. ''That would be the biggest thing.''

Another blue-chip prospect is Chris Bauman, a receiver at the University of Regina. Bauman was Canadian university football's top receiver this year with 42 catches for 923 yards and 10 touchdowns. At six foot five and 215 pounds, Bauman has the size pro scouts like.

Size is also an asset that defensive back Tad Crawford offers. The six-foot-three, 194-pound native of Burlington, Ont., was the leading tackler the past three years at Columbia and would be a nice pickup at No. 4 by Hamilton.

Another top prospect is Justin Phillips, a linebacker at Wilfrid Laurier University. Phillips not only has good size (six foot three, 236 pounds) but is also quick enough to get back into coverage, a definite asset in the pass-happy Canadian game. Phillips' speed would also allow him to contribute immediately in special teams while learning the nuances of the pro game.

Special-teams prowess also makes Concordia kicker Warren Kean a genuine first-round prospect. He's regarded as the best kicker in the draft and can also handle kickoff duties. He didn't punt at Concordia but CFL officials are confident he can successfully add that to his kicking arsenal.

One position not as deep as in past years is the offensive line, which is bad news for CFL teams because that's where the greatest concentration of Canadian starters usually is. Eric Ince, a six-foot-five, 300-pound player from St. Mary's, is regarded as the top offensive lineman available.

That honour could've gone to Mike Gyetvai, a six-foot-seven, 308-pound behemoth from Old Castle, Ont. But Gyetvai will return to Michigan State for his senior season this fall, and next year is expected to attract NFL interest. Still, that won't stop a CFL team from taking a flyer on Gyetvai as a future consideration.

Frankly, compared to the text before and after that bit, it doesn't even fit in. That article would have been just as effective without it.

The Stampeders site will have video of each guy they select on the site as they get drafted.

An unconfirmed rumor, the TiCats will name Chris Bauman as the number one pick in the draft. Apparently, he was catching a connecting flight from Winnipeg to Hamilton and spilled the beans to someone on the way.

travis noel from stfx got drafted in the 6th round :smiley:

i smoked a joint with that guy nextdoor last september.. omg man i got high with a CELEBRITY :lol:

That means he will be flying high with the Bombers! Ah ha ha good pick Taman!

it was a good pick for Taman, go T.

Now it's time to sign more of those guys who got past over in the Draft, the big blue Signed 2 already and BC signed one.

One thing that is suprised.. didn't the Lions sign a Canadian QB with their 6th round pick?

Yes Taman likes guys that are high for games!

Braden Smith - listed as a QB and drafted in the 6th round by the Als the other day - was a back-up QB at UBC once but has played receiver for them recently (i think he was their 2nd leading receiver this past season).

Wouldn't matter what the draft position listed said anyways - there is no way in hell a CIS QB is going to be given a real look at his position by the radical good ole boys CFL - they might be thought of as a project at another position (Matthieu Bertrand has done OK as a fullback and special teamer for the Esks). That's just the way she goes Bubbles.

Wait wrong, it was Montreal that was listen on the Draft page picking up a QB. but looks like the CFL.ca staff just didn't update the guys posituon. lol.

I wish they would change the setup of CFL roster.
Removed reserved QB spots.

Just change it to:
21 Non-Imports
21 Imports 4 DI's

Allow CIS QB's to atleast get a clean shot at being the 3rd string QB(it would also be nice if a there was a reserved spot on the 4 man not dressed roster for a Canadian QB or just a NI)
Reserved spot - 1 Canadian CIS QB that will not count against the teams roster.(can be on the dressed or just active roster)

the Reserved spot does not need to be forced on teams, it just allows team to pickup CIS QB's and let them have a chance to develop.
A chance to take a 22-23 year old CIS QB with the Athletic ability/arm but just has not had the games.

Who said he got high before games?
It's not criminal in Canada. It's a what.. 100$ fine to have some(a couple grams) it's worse to speed.

IF he got high before a game that is different, but if he is leading a CIS team while high that's pretty scary in terms of his ability to improve.

Now I have never smoked up, but what.. 50% of canadian University students/high school have? ATLEAST. There are NCAA products who have smoked up(it was talked about at the draft) does that mean that it effects their performance at all?
I'd be more worried about the ones who get drunk out of their mind after a Win or do real Drugs(hopefully not many of them)

It sounds like he should play for the riders (kidding). But I would question his play while under the influence. Look at where it got Nealoooooon Greeeeeene. Drugs is drugs and I hope soon the CFL has a policy in place.
I can see it now he goes into the community preaching to kids to smoke up! Yes that is a positive influence do you not think.