2007 Defense

Am I the only one that is worried about this years defense. First they played a Winnepeg team that had 2nd and 3rd stringers starting! So im not impressed with last weeks performance. Second I feel we have way too many rookies.If you look at any quality team they have a core of veterans with a couple of rookies. Third our d-line consist of unknowns and did not bring lot of pressure versas Winnipeg's backups. The one d-lineman we do have in Mckay may get exposed now that he does not have johnson being double teamed on the oppsite side..(need i say montford..cheatwood) The better teams in the cfl have a qulaity d-line...Our secondary..with all the youth im scared when we play Calgary..Bc. Sask.teams with establiished offences..Other than the linbacker core i feel we have taking a step back in all aspects of our defense...Am I wrong?

defence played awsome last game relax, those guys were not all our startes, we left behing guys like tay cody, ray mariuz, once we know whos the best of the best we will be awsome

McKay backed up Johnson.... so they weren't often on the field at the same time.

secondly we've probably got about four rookies on Defense, that's not too bad considering we gutted the team last year.

Linebacker is our softest spot i'd say.

Karikari, Shaw, Cody, and Kornegay with (Gordon or Anderson at the other corner) are probably going to be starting in the seconday... they ain't exactly young. not old, but not what you'd call green.

I guess all in all the youth factor which I know is neccessary...scares me.. think Edmonton we face the same problems..Im all for bringing new faces in but the CFL is a differnt game..Most who came from down south don't adjust... I just would feel a little easier with a couple more veterans...

I dont know ESPO,,dont you think that last year our linebacking unit kinda lagged..I think with moreno and jackson and glavic..we might be a little faster and more athletic there...

As far our defence playing awesome last week..Im not so sure..giving the ineffective brad banks, had Holland played longer.. I think the score would have been different..What if have King had played more? The score cold have been in there favor...Cause those performances King was released and Banks was traded..

Does anyone have anyword on the new additons..Howard Hodges and Keenan Howry..I know Keenan Howry was cut by Calgary...but what about Hodges? How has he looked in practice?

I'm not overly worried about the secondary. I'm much more concerned with our front seven. We don't have too much experience there so I really don't know what to expect from those guys.

While i do like the new LBs we brought in (Moreno GLASPER etc) a Mariuz will probably still start... and THAT is a new-ish/young/green group.

The secondary COULD be great, or it could be mediocre, i dont think it'll be bad... especially now that Kavis is gone.

Edmonton's situation on defense is probably a whole lot better than ours.
in the secondary they've still got some solid guys from last year (Garret, Larose.) but brough in Samuels and Morgan, and Goss... that's one hell of a secondary.

Their OLB's look green, but Gass will hold that unit together,

as for Dline... Braidwood, Warner, Brown and Abdullah are pretty decent.

Most of those guys have already made a name for themselves in the CFL

and most of our guys (to a lesser extent) have done the same.


The pre-season is about evaluating individual players.

The offensive and defensive co-ordinators are not revealing their sets to the other coaches during pre-season. At least not much.

Well, you had eleven days to install systems from the real start of camp (i.e. veterans arriving) and that game. Eleven.

As for the veteran-rookie mix, a rebuilding team that has a clue usually has a lot more rookies than vets at the start. The ratio isn't written in stone, however.

I think after 1-17, the blip, 5-13, and 4-14...the recipe for blowing it up can be debated. I prefer the timed implosion this appears to be than the explosion method.

At DT, I don't think Bekasiak is a step backward from Belli (who I like, offsides and all, BTW)...yes, there will be growing pains, but the net result should be a Philbrickian upgrade. Wayne is a good complement.

The DE mix (McKay-Loescher, Collier, Josue, Reid (if moved), et al) -- define "backward." The pass rush was way too inconsistent last year. We got younger, with more speed and potential, frankly. McKay will have a big year if he remains healthy.

The LB corps looks promising to be sure.

At corner, Anderson looks like a keeper. How the final depth chart reads will be determined in part by Friday's result. If Karikari is kept on the other side, it should get interesting. Bradley has potential, but must step it up re his consistency.

DB...Tay Cody? One obvious LOCK. I would like to see Gordon emerge in the other spot.

Safety? Shaw may start, but Karikari will be back there if Shaw falters at all. Bet on it.

If we have better special teams and offense, the growing pains will be noticeably less. Noticeably less.

The defence wasn't the biggest problem last year. It certainly won't be this one.

Oski Wee Wee,

What about Carver? I think he's going to win ROY this year as a pass rush specialist. Unfortunately I won't be able to find this quote when he does lol.

Caver looks promising for all I've gleaned. My bad for not listing him. I would hold off on the ROY designation until the extention of the DE rotation is established. The guy has wheels.

Oski Wee Wee,

have faith in the scouting staff. a lot has been put into scouting over the past year. And any club that can boast Mike McCarthy as being on staff is gonna do well over the long haul. He knows his football. That said, I can't imagine the secondary will do well initially....it's a hard spot to adjust to for players unfamiliar with the cfl brand.

McKay-Loescher did not have Johnson on the other side of him...he played behind him..and also if you watched BC last yr then you would have seen how much Mckay was doubled teammed as well.

This thread seems outdated already…

Kornegay, Caver???

gotta love regular season!!!

Im not sure about the offense..But like I said our d-line is not good...No pressure at all..We have way too many rookies on our team.I get the sense that the young guys are vey lost..Bad move realeasing hitchcock..We need some veterans who understand the game..and can help rookies on he field! Am I wrong?

Hodges came in from Arena. He was a GREAT player in college. A 2 time all big ten selection and was one of the best with sacks. We will see what he can do for us!

our defence is fine

their allowing over 30 points because their on th field so long