2007 could be a good season for ottawa

I can see Ottawa giving "big fella" Marshall his chance...

Serously, ORR, am I missing anything else?

We want

  1. R back on helmit
  2. ORR History back

I want you know what.

You guys are dreaming, as usual.

It's attitudes like this that ensure that the CFL always ends up with egg on its face -three franchises have folded in the last 20 years!

CFL stands for.....




What a joke! Ain't gonna be football in Ottawa in 2007, folks.

You forgotten already? YOU NEED AN OWNER, AND YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!


No, what's simple is your "logic."

Feel free to repost when CFL does return to Ottawa

There will be an owner in 2007 ... and he'll be a good one. They're able to conduct a proper search, because they have enough time to do it. The new owners in Hamilton and Toronto turned around those franchises, and there's no reason why the same can't happen in Ottawa.

And I suppose the NHL, for example, NEVER has egg on its face? Or the NFL, or MLB? How many NHL teams have relocated since 1986? And how many NHL teams draw fewer than 13,000 to every game? How many NFL teams have moved? And then there's MLB ... which could make the world's biggest omelette with all the egg on its face.