2007 Coach potentials?

In reading some of the other posts and listening to Ron Lancaster speak about the opportunity to coach beyond this season and not being sure if he would be interested, I wonder about two potential candidates in either Tom Clements or Mike Riley.

Both have coaching experience and Tom certainly as a great QB in the CFL with Ottawa, Hamilton and Winnipeg. I'm not sure where Tom Clements is at present probably somewhere in the NFL and Mike Riley I believe is the head coach with San Diago State? What do you think?

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why would Clements want to come here...
He wanted out of Canada the day he came. Pluse he make more $$$ coaching the Qbs in Green Bay thaen he would make here. Mike Riley is still busy counting his money from the days in SD.

Prediction. Marshall will end up in Montreal, Once Matthews dicide to retire which will be within the next 2-3 years. Marshall will work under him, then take over for him. How do i know. Look at AC,stunk in Hamilton excelled in Montreal. Look at the little general. Stunk on his first tour as a coach on SASK. Hired in Edmonton Bang a great coach was born.

Here is something off my chest, Jason Maas was a back up in Edmonton, what made you think he was a starter. Edmonton used smoke and mirrors on you to show you were getting a great return for the Davis steal. YOU HAVE BE HAD!!!!!!!!

should have read it before posting, sorry for the grammer Oppppp. i'm benched

Can't imagine why Mike Riley would want to give up a huge salary at Oregon State. However, one of his assistant coaches, Greg Newhouse, would be a great candidate. Newhouse is a student of Don Matthews and an outstanding coach.