2007 Checklist

How I think we're shaping up for the 2007 season ...

Running game? Check (Reynolds, Cates)
O-line? Check (just added Singh, to boot)
Receivers? Check (Thelwell and Bo, on top of an already-impressive group)
Kicking? Check (DeAngelis, Dales)
D-line? Quite possibly better than last year (Robede is coming in)
Linebackers? Check
Secondary? Also likely to be alright (Rhinehart, Chatman, Rhinehart to a lesser extent)
Quarterback? .... well ... if this group doesn't make some huge noise - say, win a playoff game?!? - then I think there's only one area left to really look at ...

The Stamps have signed several players for camp but will not release names until late April. Akli Smith was signed for the qB position. But linebacker and dline might need some help.

....our D line is young, but our LBs, especially Clark and Coe should be able to keep them focused....I'd like to see some upgrades in the defensive backfield, we gave up a lot of yards last year....

....biggest concern IMO is our backup QB...did you know Smith made Sports Illustrated's list of the 20 All Time NFL Draft bombs?....I'm secretly worried....

Can you say George Cortez! I mena look what he has done for QB's. Who was Gracia up until George helped with his abilities.

Smith isn't our backup QB yet ... but hopefully Cortez will be able to uncover a gem, anyway.

I'm just saying my concern is still Burris. We seem to have built a pretty solid team around him, especially with the RB and receivers, and I think the O-line will be fine too. So if we don't perform, I think it's either the coach or the QB that's gotta go. And I'd rather see Burris go than Higgins.

Now our o-line has lost Robertson, but I'm still pretty optimistic about it. And our LB's have been among the best in the League for the past 2 years; I see no reason for that to change. I suppose d-line might be a question mark ...

Barker was on the radio the other night and stated that late April or early May you will see some announcements of player signings that were made in late February. He stated all areas are being covered for improvement. As far as the draft 3 first rounders should get us some quality Canadian players to make our Canadian content much stronger. Robede I believe will be made first string this year and a few of our forgotten Canadians that last year were on the verge of making the line up will have a good chance to get starting jobs. But until TC starts we will see what needs will be required. Marcus Howell did a great job returning kicks but this new kid Burch has speed to burn. This will be good to have two that can do this job and was on the high need list. Ted mentioned on radio two more D Lineman will be coming from the camp in Houston this February and there will be 4 Qb"s in Camp. Thats truely hope Corley is not counted in the mix.

I agree, with Cortez, you will be able to develop a good backup QB.

I wouldn't worry about a QB "Bombing" in the NFL. Remember, Flutie wasn't a star there until he came here first!

There are many QB's that are not suited for the NFL yet exel in the Canadian game. And then there are some that are just not suited for any league (Kevin Feterik ring a bell). :lol: :lol:

That depends on the owner! Daddy thought he was a Grey Cup MVP! :lol: :lol: :lol:

You have to give the kid credit he took a lot of mean hits not only from the other teams but his team mates! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You are right 2005, he was constantly under the "Media Scrutiny".

Well it was bad from the start. The kid was brought in before his father owned the team. But the problem was his dads meddling with the on field operations causing Wally to leave. Kid Kevin had to play with tons of pressure and face even his own team mates. Tough job yes. But man he took some hits!

He did take some hits, I remember being impressed with his toughness. Too bad he couldn't throw for more than 20 yards ...

Wrong he is signed and was at the try out camp today. He looked not bad has a good arm. On the news he stated he needs to get use to the size of the field and that extra man.

You know, if Calgary could groom Smith for the CFL size field and get him playing like Flutie did...........

Who knows!

Cortez feels this guy is a CFL style QB and he would know after grooming Garcia. They had a radio clip he said he is overwhelmed at the size of the field and the end zones and yes you have to watch for one more defensive player.

Hey Red, is this the master plan for the Stamps to push Burris. Or, are they not really satisfied with Hank and maybe this is more of hey we stumbled onto a potential which may have like Cortez says a Flutie style upside.

Well they stated Hank is our number one QB until someone can prove otherwise. Smith looks good and in good shape. Ha a very strong arm and accurate passes. The Stamps need someone that can step in if needed and I think just from watching the last couple of days he just might be what they were looking for. Cortez says he is a Flutie style QB. The good thing is is attitude. He is not the kind of guy that comes up here looking at the CFL as an inferior league. He stated that he is grateful he will get another chance at football and has no desire to return to the NFL. If he does make a statment this will be good for the Stamps and the CFL. The aging QB's in the league need new blood sooner or later. Yes he is the same age as Burris but at least he is not in his 40's.

You guys are going to have ratio problems and a porous secondary, your starting to remind me of the Dave Ritchie days here in the Peg.

...ratio problems?....Higgins was a math major in school and while fractions might give him a problem now and then I'm sure the numbers will be just fine once the season begins....I'll agree I'd like to see upgrades to our secondary, I wasn't pleased with the yards our DBs gave up last year...but other than Simon and Tucker (who will be double-teamed) there really isn't much theat out there anyways, in fact, when we play your team I've heard we are just going to pile all 12 guys on the line and bull rush your line to get to KG....