2007 Changes

If I were the Ti-cats, I would look to go with Zeke as the MLB and stock pile alot of young Import LInebackers and D Lineman. The key to winning in this league is to have a solid Defense and a great O-Line. We should also look to bring in an Import guard and tackle.

Our Non-Imports should be Jesse Lumsden RB to go with Corey Holmes. Ralph as a WR, and hopefully we can acquire another one. Beverdige at Saftey along with Hitch. One canadian kicker so we can free up a roster spot. and fill some Canadians in on Special teams and some along the O and D Lines.

In an ideal world, your ideas would be perfect. Hopefully, they'll come to fruition!

Good post!

I think the single position we need to upgrade the most is MLB. Then we need to get a better centre and RT as Woodard, Hudson and Smith are pretty much locks on the O-line...The D-line needs to be stronger at the DT positions, I think Cheatwood and Cotton are a great pair of ends...Outside linebackers have been a problem in Hamilton for a while too...Beveridge isn't a starting safety, if he was he would have earned some starts by now, unfortunately the only time he gets on the field is if someone got hurt...One kicker to fill both roles is a nice idea but incredibly difficult to find, nevermind a Canadian who can do both...another Canadian receiver is an idea but he'd probably play slot (most Canadian receivers do) but does our team really need more slot backs?