2007 CFL schedule?

Does anyone know when it is coming out? I need to plan my year.

the plan is easy, no weddings on football weekends.

Hopefully soon. We are waiting on its release from the CFL. Look for it by the end of the week or thats what I have heard.

Here! Here! :thup: :thup:

I hope Sept 15th is a bye week or at least they are out of town! :wink:

To the best of my abilities, here's what I know so far (please don't take this as gospel... it's just rumour):
Thursday, June 14 - Hamilton at Montreal

Thursday, June 21 - Winnipeg at Hamilton - 7:00 [/b]

Saturday, June 30 - Hamilton at Calgary

Saturday, July 7 - Toronto at Hamilton

Friday, July 27 - Hamilton at Winnipeg - 8:00

Friday, August 3 - Winnipeg at Hamilton - 7:30

August 11 - Hamilton at Edmonton

Monday, September 3 - Toronto at Hamilton

September - Hamilton at Toronto

Saturday, September 15 - Winnipeg at Hamilton - 7:00

Friday, September 21 - Calgary at Hamilton

Saturday, September 29 - Hamilton at Winnipeg - 7:00

Monday, October 8 - Hamilton at Montreal

Sunday, October 21 - Saskatchewan at Hamilton - 12:00

Sunday, October 21 - Hamilton at Saskatchewan - 2:00

I hope there is a lot more friday night games then that. Those are the best games