I was just wondering if anybody had any idea who will be picked in the 1st few rounds of this years draft and if so who are the CIS and NCAA players that are eligible?

Well one thing is for sure, most of the players playin ncaa ball right now will be in the 1st couple of rounds. I'd keep a look out for Kevin Challenger @ Boston College. Jabari Arthur & Jason Nedd @ Akron. Jamaal Westerman From Rutgers. Maybe Brandon Caesar From Colorado. James Judges from bufallo. Then there are about 15 lineman scattered all over the NCAA that are eligible for this years draft.

I think you will see most of the teams take Seniors coming out this year that they feel they can sign. Arthur and Challenger are first round calibre but might not go until the second round because they're not available for another year. In Arthur's case he be NFL bound anyway.
IMO I think CIS players such as O-Linemen Rempel of Sask. and Koch of McMaster could be 1st rounders.

Yannick Carter and Andy Baechler from Laurier

koch for sure, alot of quality mac players going through the program

watch for andre sadeghian in the future, a RB who runs a 4.29 40-yard dash

I all ways wonder in the Draft if Offence is what everyone is looking for. The last two years in the CIS The D has lend the way and have not been rewarded for the efforts . If we look at 2006 The Ottawa Gee Gee Defence led the Nation. If you got a chance to see this guys it was fantastic.

The secondary lead to Oua All star Joe Barnes form Stoney Creek they not only were the best but they were the quickest. The Best Secondary in the CIS This Barnes Kid is as tough as nails and leads that defence by example. I tell this guy is the really thing and could be a jewel in the CFL . Joe Barnes #13 Ottawa Gee Gees.

Its not always Offence

Dont mention Mac players on here you`ll get your head bit off.

I was really impressed by MCoy sp ? a reciever on Guelph . Great hands and very good speed !!!