2007 CFL Mock Draft Thread..

okay post your 1st Round Mock Drafts Here..
Players who are Draft Eligible can be found here.


Here is my Mock 1st round
I may be way off..
But to start the thread..

(1) Hamilton CRAWFORD, Tad S
6.03 194 16-Apr-84 Columbia

(2) Edmonton CONLIN, Jon DT
6.03 260 06-May-85 Washington State ,

(3) Calgary Via Winnipeg
CONSACK, Kristian DL

6.02 235 20-Nov-84 McMaster

4 Hamilton Via Saskatchewan BEKASIAK, J.P. DL

6.06 296 01-Jan-82 Toledo

5 Toronto BIRD, Robert (Bobby) LB

5.11 220 16-Jul-81 Calgary

6 Calgary BOUWMEESTER, Matthew OL
6.02 265 01-Apr-85 Calgary

7 Montreal BUTLER, Blake WR
6.05 238 17-May-82 Concordia

5.11 170 01-Dec-83 Montreal

Chris Bauman is the best WR available and will go in the first round.

:lol: Did you pick these names out of a hat...but you did get a couple of likely first rounders in your "mock" draft.

Nope I Look at Each name Via CFL.ca
Then Did good Search on Each name.

Trying to Decide what Each Team Needed..

The Ticats Biggest Needs are S and CB DL WR.

i'll give it a shot

Hamilton- J.P Bekasiak DT (Toledo)
Edmonton- Warren Kean K (Concordia)
Calgary- Kyle Koch OL (McMaster)
Hamilton- Jabari Arthur WR/QB(Akron)
Calgary- Anthony Plante-Ajah DB (Ottawa)
Calgary- Tad Crawford S (Columbia)
Montreal- Kevin Challenger WR (Boston College)
B.C- Chris Bauman WR (Regina)

I agree with inaslump,bekasiak and Arthur are
the best two choices

I like inaslumps picks...I still think Bauman is the best WR in the draft. I can see Bekasiak slipping a bit.

we will see boys and girls, im excited!

Onknight....first round didnt quite work out that way.

I think Bauman will go one.
There is some talk of Edmonton taking a kicker, and Calgary taking the O-Lineman from Michigan State at 3.
That would leave Bekasiak at 4.

What a mock draft that is :slight_smile:

Here is my Mock 1st round I may be way off..
Hit the nail on the head there....