2007 CFL Fantasy Huddle

Well, I don't post here anymore, but this event has become semi-popular, so it should be continued. I had some good volunteers for the second half of last season, so I'll be taking volunteers now.

I won't be doing anything this season over at this site. I may be doing this event at a different forum though. If that is successful, then I could co-ordinate it so that this forum would be a division, and the other forum would be a division, and for the championship, the two winner of each forum would face off against eachother.

For the rule changes, I'm going to be keeping them the same, I only have them by memory though. I'll write them down if anyone will takeover for me this season.

In light of the fact that other posters do the bulk of the work for this event anyway, I respectfully submit that those willing to "take over" this event take full control (and glory) themselves. They do the work, so they get the glory; therefore, they should create the system they're comfortable with, and make it their own.

No matter what rules there are for next season, i cant wait to defend my championship from last year!

I just want to keep it the same so that this forum can compete with another. If those that are taking it over have some suggestions to make it better, then they can discuss it with me and maybe we can make some changes.

Well if you don't control it and you don't post here anymore.....You have no say in how it is run! Whoever decided to take over it has no reason to discuss anything with you, nor do they need to "volunteer" for you!

Finally, who ever does take it over, does not need "your" rule changes.

Sorry to be so bunt but.....get real!

whatever, all I ask is that you don't change the name...and if I do run this game on another site, then I'll talk with whoever decides to run this one.