2007 Canadian Press Team of the Year

The Saskatchewan Roughriders

Is it April already ? I have got to lay off the hybrid martini's !

Anyone want the recipe ?

Let them have their fun Piggy. They’ll be “Canada’s team” until the next Grey Cup win in 2079! :wink:

I was fully expecting to see the Hamilton Tigercats get this honour. I think this was rigged....it's the only explanation.

Thanks for the compliment J-93, I could have sworn that we didn't even have a team in 2007. 8)

Earl....I think we only fielded a team so Pro-Line wouldn't have to go back and change all their odds.
It's getting to the point where I wouldn't mind if they just started showing movies on the scoreboard at Ivor Wynne, they could play the game too....but that wouldn't be the real attraction. They could start by showing Red Dawn...I'm used to cheering for the losing side...but it's funnier when you're cheering on the Russian army.

Its a no brainer anyone that follows the CFL knows the Riders are Canada's Team!

Don't tell that to TFC fans who think that unless their team deserved the honour. :wink:


Who are ya?
Who are ya?
Who are ya?

And you base that on what?

I live in Canada and you are not my team?

I say the Als are Canada's team!
What do you say to that?

Once Quebec seperates....they will be your Country's team! Sorry ro, didn't really want to bring politics into this thread.

Seriously..... I thought the Leafs were Canada's team, not just for hockey but for all sports.... :roll: :roll: :roll:

You're both wrong. The Eskimos are Canada's team! :smiley:

Well thats my point.
Everyone wants to say their team is Canada's team.
There is no Canada's team

Although, if you check out an old thread where I was promoting the Canadian Beavers in the NFL...... They will be Canada's team! :wink: :wink:

Its based on fan support around Canada, I'm a Habs fan but I would say unfortunatley for Hockey the Leafs are Canadas hockey team :frowning: as for football Riders are Canada's team every city they go to the fans are there in droves, even when they were teams in the US they had support there which would amaze me, the Grey Cup game proved it, what other team has ever had that many fans follow their team across the country to watch them in the big game. I know it might be a hard pill to swallow for some of you Eski and Bomber fans but maybe one of you guys can claim second :slight_smile:

....without a doubt, Canada's team is the Bombers....

I don't think no. of fans is the only criteria. Quality of fans needs to be in the equation also. Difficult to measure this though. Maybe something like a figure of number of fans of a team divided by last time that team won a championship. With the theory that a team that can retain the largest percentage of fans without winning a championship for a long time is Canada's team in that sport or league. :wink:

But then another aspect of quality could be personal character, integrity of character maybe I'm saying, of the fans. I haven't met many Leaf fans that are high on that quality I must say. TiCat fans are tops in this category though. :wink:

No,No, No, I have the formula to figure out Canada's team...


They are in the capital of the country and are un-defeated the last couple of years!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And because of it being the "Hot Bed" of Football, the same owners keep returning back to Ottawa! :lol: :lol:

And people go on about the Patriots going 16-0...

The Shreveport Pirates are Canada's team.