2007 Blue Bombers

I won't get into great detail here we all know who we are going to war with.
Offense; No I'am not totally sold on Glenn and I guess we'll find out this year! We have a **** load of weapons with an improved O-Line. If Glenn can stay healthy we have the potential to rank in the top 4 offences this year.
Defence; We were very good last year and have the potential to be alot better this year. I didn't like losing Baggs but hopefully we'll be alright! Is Holland our answer for a decent backup to Glenn? Time will tell!
My opinion; Winnipeg will finish second in the East with a possibility of finishing first depending on their head to head games against Montreal. What do the rest of you think?

Anything less than second will be a dissapointment. I think Winnipeg has the ability to challenge Montreal. The only question mark is Glenn. As Piggy and Papa are so, so, tired of me saying it, Glenn has to prove himself this year. There are no excuses. If Glenn meets the high expectations set, then they could catch and pass Montreal.

But if Glenn gets hurt the Bombers are in deep doo-doo. I'd pick up Rocky Butler if I was Taman.

...you stole my idea MadJack.....i don't think Rocky would hurt as some insurance...but Taman is a funny bird sometimes....and if a player doesn't strike him as right....he passes them by....seeing as our 2nd. stringer needs some time to develop....i think Butler could come in and do an acceptable job....IF needed.. :wink: :roll:

Trade Dinwiddie(after the game)
Sign Butler

Holland is 1st in for the MTL game(if needed), after that depends who shows up in practice.

Bombers will be first, if Glenn plays 15 out of the first 16 games.
Glenn is a solid QB. people love to go... I'm not sold, I'm not sold. I don't care he wins that is all I care about.

The 2007 Blue Bombers compared to the 2006 bombers are better out of camp.

no one knew who Ike was, no one knew who Samuels was, Hebert wasn't there yet, DA wasn't there yet.

Right now Butler isn't here yet.
no one knows who: Hall, Edison, Jenkins are

Bush > Malbrough(overal)
Bean > Evans
Malbrough > Samuels
Hall ?? Ike
Jenkins > Carter
Hebert > Ockimey
Davis > Warner
Greene > St.G
Edwards > Thurman
DA > Brazzell
Brazzall > McCord(3rd stringer start of last year ???)

Only positions the Bombers are actually weaker now compared to start of last year is injury related(Bell, backup RB/FB)

Every other spot is standing pat or Improved.

Holland + Dinwidd > Banks + Quinn
By default though, but still.(bar was set low)

The team must be compared to itself at the same stage of the season as the year before, in which the bombers are currently way ahead of itself last year.

yes the blue lost their pre-season game, but when KG left the pre-season game who was winning?
that's right the bombers(18-15) That's how Berry's offence works conservative.
Tomorrow with Full starters a 27-17 win over Edmonton(+/- 3 points per team) should be expected.(that means 24-20 is within that range, as is 30-14)

I agree they should sign Butler now! Like Sportsmen said this is Glenn's year to break out and either get the Blue to the next level or we should be looking elsewhere. And barnes7 that was a good post! I'am a strong supporter of the Blue and always will be and because of that I'am certainly allowed my opinion on our starting Qb! I will be cheering my backside off in the hopes that Glenn does very well but if he doesn't I'll voice that also! I guess we are about to find out if he can take this team to the next upper level! Oh yeah and I always have been a Troy Westwood fan just to answer one of your previous posts!

Glenn was fantastic last night. Although it was only 1 game, it was the first game of the season, and IMO removes any question marks around his ability. All the question marks regarding our backups, however is a different story...LOL.

Credit where credit is due! Glenn was outstanding last night!! Westwood on the other hand had some long kicks to make but when the game is on the line he has to step it up!! Should be a sold out house against Montreal!!!

i have always said Glenn was a lot better then people thought, he just never had any weapons on his side

last year we had milt of coarse, and chris brazzell. they were the only two recievers in the top 25, and brazzell was number 21

now that Glenn finally has some weapons other then milt and Charlie, he will show you the real kevin Glenn, and scottsman, you and many others will be very pleasantly suprised