2007...and the lack of experianced coaching.

One more game to go...and the year that 'should have been' will come to a close.
The Cats have the talent, and a solid core of players to work with in 2008. But until the money vault is opened..to bring in "experianced coaches" that have CFL experiance. The road ahead, will continue, to be very long and unkind to both the players and the fans of the Ti-Cats.
It makes no differance if you sign 10 Casey Printers to play on this team. Without experianced coaching..what we saw this year, is all you're going to get...period. :thdn:

Very well said...Couldn't agree with you more....

Why in game seventeen are they making mistakes like too many men on the field?

While I would agree that it appears that the team could use some experienced coordinators, I would take exception to the line about "Opening up the vault". That seems to accuse Bob or Marcel of going cheap when it came to selecting coordinators. When I would believe money wasn't the issue. Coach Taafe selected his own coordinators...people he thought could do the job.

The lack of CFL coaching experience on Charlie Taaffe’s staff
has been a major problem this year. There will be changes.


Money would not have been the issue

The coaching staff are no included
under the Salary Management System.