2007: A Quarterback Odyssey

The Ti-Cats are effectively destroying the confidence of TWO quarterbacks here. Maas, by keeping him in when he's not performing exceptionally well; and Chang, by refusing to give him a start.

One's being hung out to dry, the other is wallowing on the sidelines. No wonder they're both frustrated.


do i have to retype everything i typed in the other 10 qb threads.
anyways friday in my opinion is a big game in more ways than one, this will either sink one qb's career wrightly or wrongly.

Yup...to the previous two posts.

enough already said

Wallowing on the sidelines? It's been five #$%@ing games in to his CFL career!

Talk to Michael Bishop about wallowing on the sidelines!

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ps. I thought the title of the thread was clever, but unfortunately the post didn't live up to it. :wink:

Good call. I suppose by wallowing I meant "itching to play," my bad.

Does anyone know what the status of Archibald is at McMaster? He could be a great future prospect at QB.

Have you actually been to a Mac game? Archibald isn’t even the best QB in the conference let alone the country. Since there are 0 Canadian QBs I think I’d start with the best before I go any further down the list when trying something nobody else chooses to

Just a thought...my apologies. Sometimes I confuse this message board as a place where fans can post opinions and diplomatically debate them. My bad.

Go ahead and debate but be aware silly suggestions will be debunked. Rather than be offended defend your choice of Archibald over better CIS QBs or illustrate that Archibald is the best CIS QB

I said he could be a good prospect at some point...not that he was the best quarterback in the CIS. I think you need to relax a little, some of us are new to these boards and are simply trying to get into the discussion.

Ifs he's not the best CIS QB there are better options that nobody else wants so he's never going to get a chance

dre-84 meet argoconvert

Hung out to dry?

This is the pros.

Perform, or find anopther job. It's that simple.

I really think this is Maas' last chance.

It's been five games, improvement has been noted in team play and his own personal play.

Last three games were winnable. This one's at home, the team's been gelling. NOW is the time to prove what you can do as a team and as an individual player.

I agree. In some ways, I feel bad for the guy. He's obviously not competing at an elite level, and the Cats should do him a favour and sit him. Spare the man some of his dignity.

But you're right, this is the pros. If he can't compete with other starting QB's in the East (or the entire league for that matter), it's time to explore other options.

On that we agree

Surely, you've come to the wrong place. :wink: