2006: Weak draft?

With all the hype surounding this years draft it is sure disapointing to see the lack of talent it produced. Aside from Braidwood there is no one who stands out or is even playing. It just goes to show how far behind university football is when this was suposed to be such a deep and talent filled draft. Maybe the league should consider starting a developement league for young players 19-23, to help them develop faster.

Etienne Boulay has shown to be a pretty good pick so far for Montreal.

I would think Fantuz needs some time, he will be a good receiver for the Riders in the future. Congi seems to be doing well placekicking, although the Riders should find a better punter. Ryan was impressing the Packers with his kicking , so I would doubt he will be back in the CFL anytime soon.

I wouldn't get to down on the '06 class yet, give it a couple of years and revisit the subject. It is always difficult for Canadian players to get a starting job in their first season - most of them have never been played against this level of competion and it takes them a year or two to adjust when they come out of college. As for Braidwood - he played in a power conference for four years and had great competion to play against while at WSU. Hell, he played against USC every year and stared down Reggie Bush, he should have been prepared for the CFL when he arrived.

I know it will turn out to be good in a couple of years, but thats my point, it takes too long to develope these players because of poor coaching at the university level.

Drexl, The step from college to pro is a big one even for the guys from the States. Not too many come here and are instant stars. I enjoy CIS football and find it decent. I do agree that the coaching is not at the US level but I would not say it's poor.

When Sask played Fantuz, he really held up his own. I wonder why he is not playing more. Sure has not embarrassed himself on the field as a rookie.

Braidwood has been doing a pretty good job on the d-line IMO, since becoming a starter a few games ago.

not all coaches are bad, look at blake nill head coach of st.mary's university in halifax (now with calgary). 8 straight atlantic bowl finals including 2.. or was it 3? vanier cups in that span, 2 of them were back-to-back. and the atlantic conference is probably the closest (because theres only 4 schools now) last year acadia, st.fx and st mary's all finished with 5-3 records. and the talent here is better than most teams in ontario and out west. st.mary's, and st.fx reach deep into the states and recruit top quality highschool players, and div.1 players that get red-shirted etc. the coaching here is quality, and same over at laval university in QC. hell, they even get 18,000 a game!

The 2006 draft will go down as a good and deep draft IMO. Yow have to remember that there was quite a few players taken in the top three rounds who have another year in the US colleges.
But there is some good ones in the league already and will play more as the year goes on. Just remember these players might be ready phsically to play but are not ready mentally yet as they have to learn all the playbook until it becomes second nature. When a player has to think he is going to hesitate...and "he who hesitates is lost" as the saying goes. So give them time and we will see some outstanding players from this draft.
CB Leron Mitchell - Tor
CB Etienne Boulay - Mon
SB Andy Fantuz - Sask
K Rob Pikula - Sask
LB/S Tristan Clovis - Sask
DE Adam Braidwood - Edm
S Jason Nugent - Edm
DE Rick Foley - B.C.
LB Jason Pottinger - B.C.

Looks like a good draft to me, especially in a year when Ottawa's non-imorts were also available.

Fantuz, Clovis and Congi are all starting for the Riders right now and doing a pretty decent job I would say. I have no idea about draft picks from other teams, but all things considered I would say it was a good year for the Riders.

Go Riders!!

He probably is a good coach, but his staff, etc, aren't doing their job as far as preparing players to make the step to the next level. Players coming in from Canadian University are usually 24 years old and yet seem to only have the football i.q of a freshman American.

hmm stala is one of the top players ive watched this season?

but i agree with you mostly, how blake would recruit 24-25 year olds to come up and play 4 years college here after there american college careers were over. X is starting to do that, 2 of my neighbours were recruited from down in the states, one played TE for orlando in the AFL and the other one went to some university in tenessee (central, or sourthern Tenesse or something like that) they both look like idiots, but there amazing football players.