2006 Truce? lol

leave both defences on the whole game probably be more exciting.

Well said Woody! And it is in this spirit I'm starting a petition to have Tigger banned from this and all other CFL related sites. This is someone who I swear had a great weekend for no other reason than what happened at Saturday's game. Shouldn't a fan's love for their team, come ABOVE their HATE for another team? Not with Tigger! :thdn:

No offence, Tigger, I think you're a great guy, you just need to be banned from all these sites so that relative peace can ensue! :cowboy:

Sorry Tucky but I seem to recall a few blue team fans who had a pretty good weekend at the expense of the Ticats even though their team stunk up the place :wink: I support Tigger :thup:

Maybe we should band together and form an alliance against those hated als. Curse those winning monsters!

well the ticats are pretty much already there! :roll:

um… what?

:lol: Somebody will have to knock them back to earth...Damn, I'm going to have to root for a west team! :wink: :o

damn??? you should always root for a western team when they play an eastern team not named the Tiger-Cats.

Right On!...but did you not catch the wink? :wink:

sure but the wink can mean many things. depending on how sarcastic you're trying to be.

Just funnin' him Espo. There's no petition, BHG already ripped it up and flushed it down the toilet. But for the record, Tigger really DID throw things at me on Saturday! :o :lol:

A empty, plastic Beer Cup, I must of Bruised Tucks ego... :smiley:

What until the 12th Tuck 8)

28 -2 in the fourth quarter for BC.!!

29-0 ....Peg

OK we both smelled out the weekend.

Both are better teams.

Sure Argos got one TD against the BC seconds .

Better times ahead for both teams on another weekend.

Double blue? Wouldn't want to be on that boat.