2006 Truce? lol

You'd almost have to think that if either the 2-4 Argos or the 1-6 Ti-Cats make the playoffs, they both wouldn't have too much to be proud of in the gloating department after both having abysmal seasons thus far. I know if Toronto makes the playoffs and Hamilton doesn't, I won't be looking down on the Cats since both of our teams stink.



It would be encouraging if your example would be followed by some of your Argo fan confreres, but I digress. :wink:

Both teams have big problems to fix and that is a fact.

Oski Wee Wee,

Sounds fair; I agree and will reciprocate when the Tiger-Cats make the playoffs and the blue team does not.

Now that we have this covered, let's see what we can do about the Middle East...

2006 Truce?


It seems like you need to be in a support group this year if you happen to be either an Argo or a Ticat fan.

Sorry TOFAN I have to agree with tigger here :smiley: and my new favourite person Yossarian make a very good point too :wink:

Welcome to TAGS. Ticat Argo Group Support. We meet every Wednesday night on the stairs of the CFL hall of fame. You can only enter the hall if your team has a winning record. So press your noses to the glass and look inside 'cause your not going inside this year!

:lol: :lol: Cute but I'm not joinin any support group that has argo fans in it :wink:

There are bigger forces at work here. It's called NATIONAL UNITY.

Anyone heard of equalization payments? There are two "have" provinces that willingly allocate some of their resources to the rest. Those two provinces are Ontario and Alberta.

Guess which two provinces all four of last week's losing teams came from?

Well, charity is over now. Let's kick some "have-not" butt. (Argos, you can come along if you like.) And if we keep losing this year, at least we can say we've done our part to keep our federation strong.

All I'm saying is that which ever of us makes the playoffs, neither really has much ammo to attack the toher because we're both pretty bad.

Sorry TOFAN, you’ll have to pry the Argos Suck button out of my cold, dead hands.

Oskie Wee Wee.

Cheers, :wink:

Without a doubt the BEST thing I've read on here in months. :lol:

TOFAN, I appreciate the thought, but you weren't with the Argo fans I was with this weekend. They're still pretty arrogant :roll: :smiley:

In all fairness, the same thing can be said about fans of every team. It's when they're fans of the team one already hates, we might take that differently than we would otherwise. I mean, if Cat were with Saskatchewan fans who behaved that same way you're describing, I doubt the Cat fans would have the same contempt as they would for the double blue fans.

True, but I was actually kidding. They're friends and a great bunch of guys and it could be said that I am the most arrogant fan of a 1-6 team ever to live :smiley: just ask them. :lol:

You got to take a lot of what is said in the forums "tongue in cheek". I mean my Gawd...look at the comradarie we have had at tailgates lately with fans of all teams.

Personally I'm a fan of the CFL and as such enjoy the company of all fans....However, there are some that we enjoy seeing more than others....lol!

Anyone who has ever experienced Grey Cup Week or even one of the "Touchdown Atlantic"s needs no explanation! :thup: :wink:

Well said woody, there are some from Friday's tailgate that I wouldn't mind seeing again :wink: :smiley: I had a great time on Friday and Saturday.

Please notice that I did not in any way sanction a truce. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I was simply taken aback by the somewhat more reasonable tack the offer implies. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

you gotta watch out for those Rider fans though....lol

I can agree with that!! :smiley: Hi Migsy :wink:

Uh-oh, I feel a group hug coming on. Be forewarned. I haven't showered today.

An Argo fan