2006 team profits or loses?

Out of the 8 CFL teams, what teams made a profit and what teams suffered loses?

i know these teams made profit:


dunno about the others, but id imagine montreal did, after playing in the BIG O 2ice this season....and edmonton ususally does.

I heard that Edmonton made a very insignificant profit, so they basicaly broke even.

I'm guessing B.C., Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal made money.
Calgary and Sask.- could go either way.
Toronto, Hamilton- lost money.

Not sure, but I think there is quite a cost factor in using the big O and those crowds could have been larger. I wonder how that worked out for them.

Short of selling out every game, wouldn't the rent on the Rogers Centre just about guarantee that the Argos finish in the Red?

I think that the Argos have a 5 year deal with the Rogers Centre at a affordable price. I am not sure of the details.
Does anyone know how many fans each team needs to break even?

Unless the Ti-Cats are giving away tickets, I can't see how they couldn't be making money averaging 27,000 fans and playing in a stadium which costs them nothing. It was recently reported that Mtl turned a small profit. Wpg reported a $2M to $3M profit this year, and with the two other community-owned teams (Edm & Sask) receiving millions more in revenue over Wpg, how could they be losing money? (...without creative bookkeeping :wink: ). Calgary turns a profit every year with their solid attendance. BC was reported to be in the black again with increased attendance over last season when they reported "a couple of million" profit.

The Argos could be the only team to lose money, but it couldn't be very much. Attendance was solid in Toronto this year and they have a favourable lease at RC.

With the reported 60% increase in TV revenues with the new TV contract, that should help push all the teams over the top. :smiley:

The ARGOS would have made money except for RICKY's salary.

The new contract will certainly help ALL TEAMS with $$$$$$. :thup:

The argo owners like splurging on the team (Chartered flights, generous staff contracts, etc). They could turn a profit if they wanted to.

Egad! What kind of businesspersons are such as these!?! Seriously, turning a profit is something EVERY company should not only want to do, but feel compelled to do!

That's just damned sad-rich people so bored that they have to waste $$$ to have fun :thdn:

The Argos wasted A LOT of money on Ricky Williams last season, and he didn’t help attendance as the owners had probably expected. Obviously a very bad financial investment.

Well, it was a risk and sometimes they don't pay off. At least they were willing to take one.

I'd heard a rumour that the Argos don't pay any rent to the Rogers Centre.

Ricky Williams did give the CFL alot of media attention though which is good.
I remember in 1991 when Toronto scooped Raghib "the rocket" Ishmael. That made the front page in a Minneapolis newspaper.
The more media attention the CFL gets the better.

Braley said BC was in the black on radio this year and last year
Edmonton made a small profit
Calgary is profitable
Saskatchewan was in the black slightly
Winnipeg made a profit especially with the grey cup
Toronto has a sweetheard deal at the Rogers Centre and Pelley said on the Fan590 that they were in the black
Hamilton I dont know but with their attendance I cant see how they didnt make money
Montreal I thought was not profitable until the stadium expansion was complete but someone here said they made a bit so that is great

When you consider from where we came from in years past when virtually every team, save and except Edmonton, were loosing money it is very encouraging how almost every team is now making money.
That is why we need to expand with Ottawa, Halifax and QC. The league is on solid ground, with a new TV contract, increase in league sponsorship. Now if only some of the BOC(Board of Clowns) could garner some common sense and let the new commish truly run the league and move it to the next level.

I wouldn't hazard a guess as to which teams are profitable

because I know calculating profitability

is more complicated than subtracting

player/coaches salarys
and stadium rental costs

from the gate recipts
and TV revenues.

Such things as the enormous cost
of promoting the team on radio, T.V.

and other promotions and advertising
through the immediate community,

the cost of front office staff,

and things I don't even realize
that have to be considered.

I believe last year 1 or 2 teams
turned a small couple $100,000 profit.

I would agree with this...the argo attendance didn't improve that much if any with Ricky, but I think he helped improve attendance in some of the other cities. As well it peaked interest down south which could help the TV numbers.

Speaking of teams losing or making money. Jim Hopson is quoted as saying all teams broke even or made money this year.

Ismail just won the Heisman and was expected to be drafted at the top if not number 1. It was HUGE news on every American paper that he was signed for 16 million for 4 years in CANADA! Very unheard of, and probably will never happen again. It would be like the Argonauts signing Reggie Bush this year.

I can tell you that Bruce will never be a owner of a CFL team again,lol