2006 Team Pass/Rush Distributions

No real purpose to these stats. I calculated them just to see pass/rush distributions.

Team: Rush, Pass
Edmonton: 35%, 65%
BC: 36%, 64%
Calgary: 40%, 60%
Saskatchewan: 40%, 60%
Winnipeg: 41%, 59%
Hamilton: 32%, 68%
Toronto: 40%, 60%
Montreal: 35%, 65%

The teams attmepted passes compared to rushing attempts throughout the '06 season. As you can see most teams are very similar in their play calling distribution.

Compared to some teams in the NFL:
Team: Rush, Pass
Atlanta Falcons: 57%, 43%
Denver Broncos: 53%, 48%
New Orleans Saints: 43%, 57%
Indianapolis Colts: 46%, 54%

These represent some of the extremes in the NFL. There is obviously a wide variety of play calling amongst different teams. I was actually quite surprised that the Saints or Colts came pretty close to mimicking the CFL.

It's Interesting To Note That I The CFL It Makes Absolutely No Difference Between Teams That Rush A Lot To Teams The Pass A Lot. Hamilton Passed The Least, Then BC, Then Edmonton And Montreal. The Two Teams That Failed To Make The Playoffs And The Two Teams That Finished First And Went On To The Grey Cup Final Both Had The Highest Pass Percentage.

Indy has Peyton Manning, I'm sure that helps their passing stats ...

It's kinda weird to think of a team rushing the ball more than they throw it. But I guess when you've got 4 downs, you can afford to ... it's safer (if not more boring) to run the ball.

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Thanks esks for this info. Interesting.

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