4 days away from the season opener and i heve read every other tema posts and predictions, of course every team thinks they are the best but in Bomberville we are realistic, right? My prediction for our team is a 11-7 record as long as we GEL quick and get past our first 4 games (tough schedual) at least 500% ....

As an unbiased Stampeder fan from Steinbach, I think that the BB will finish 9-9, and will finish 3rd in the East, in the playoffs.

I think Berry even said he was hoping for 9 wins this year....that seems to be the general consensus..

They'll be better in the East, but not much. Onterrio SMith seems to be the franchise player :roll:

Hey stampfan4life, I'm from Steinbach aswell.

Also Smith was cut so he's done, unless he is gong to the PR which I dont know.

....9 +plus is a start....i think we can do better than that with the talent we have ....just when this team gels...is gonna be the big ??????

i think realisticly we can go 10-8. with a good scheme and the talent we have now the D will be even better then what it was when we had rod rust here. our offence is also alot better right from the begining to. our team could have been a contender last season if rust had stuck around and Glenn didnt miss those momentum builder games. now with the team looking like it is, and rookies beating out a lot of vets.... the bombers are looking great IMO. the new schemes will help a lot and be a huge factor also. but with all the improvements, the good teams have also improved or stayed the same, and the weaker teams all improved. so itll be a hard year.

i agree 10-8 is realistic but first we make it 9-9 then we could start thinking about 10 11 and 12


One win more from last season? Bahaha :lol: You’re great. :?

Aslong as we make the playoffs, I’m happy. :thup:

8-10 is what i expect 9-9 very possible, 10-8 i would be extremely pleased with and is possible but would take a couple breaks to go our way. i think 8-10 should squeak us into the playoffs anyways and by then we will have become a team that will be able to compete in the playoffs. i know everyone is upset with hebert but i think he could be the difference between a tolerable team and a good one. linbacker is still one of our weakest positions. maybe our weakest.

6-12, what are you thinking??? LOL .... 9-9 is a realistic #, but i think with the east division as tough as it is, it will take 10 wins, 9 is pushing it, but that depends on our record vs. the 4th place team (which will probably be Tor), 8-10 we might squeek in, but again depends on how we do in our own division. As long as we make the playoffs I am happy after last year LOL ... the big screen is ready for thursday :slight_smile:


watch when it happens

My predictions:

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto


  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Calgary

Who knows what will happen, all it could take is an injury to a starting QB and the outcome of a conference is in jepoardy. She's a long season and any thing could happen....Go Bombers..yes we have some problems, just like everybody else..

I get the feeling that our fate will be decided by the time we play our seventh game. If we do well in the first six games where we have to meet the grey cup finalists four times we should be ok. If we don't make it it might be hard to keep a young team focused. I would like to see them win a whole bunch but I'd be real happy to see them make the playoff. By then they would be a complete team. How about 9-9. That should give us a spot if most of our wins are in the division. But, 12-6 would make me happier.

do well in the first six games! :o Winnipeg wont even win there 1st game :stuck_out_tongue: 0 - 1 :lol:

Ah! It's always so refreshing to read about the fortune of the Bombers according to the ramblings of some Sask's fans. I always wondered if their attitude was a freak of nature. Thank goodness there are some nice posters around to make up for it. The statement started with a big "IF". Everything is possible in this game.

hey......misery loves company.....