2006 season ticket sales

Anybody hear what the total is so far?

I went to the web-site and clicked on in various places but couldn't find the info. The radio stations haven't mentioned a total either.

No idea, I only know I paid the balance for mine back in Mar. The people who sat in front of us moved down a row, we moved down to their seats, and a buddy of mine bought my seats. Now we're in Row B... :slight_smile:

Sportsmen not sure but I remember a few months ago the lions office said they were at the same this year than last year... I think at that point is was around 9000 season tix holders. But don't quote me. All I know is I paid up in December for my 2 seats.

I heard we're gonna close to 20,000 but that has yet to be seen

According to a story on the Lionbackers’ site, 18,000 have been sold so far. :smiley: