2006 Post Mortem

Time to analyze what went wrong this year. My quick point- who would have guessed that last off season’s big acquisitions of Holmes, Maas, Ranek and Vaughn would all turn out to be busts? What happened to these guys that were supposed to ignite our offense?

Solution: move Ranek and Holmes to rotate at slot with Vaughn, start Lumsden at RB, shore up the O-Line next year with 2006 and 2007 draft picks, sign a deep threat WR to help Ralph and Flick get open, let Maas get healthy, and hire George Cortez, Danny Macciocca or Steve Burrato as OC.

Let's face it: the big problem this year was PaoPao misusing players on O, the revolving door on the O-Line, lack of a consistent deep threat at WR, and injuries.