2006 Outlook

I can't wait for Fridays game, here is my outlook and expectations of our beloved Riders this year.

1)Defense: as solid as ever, looked great in the exhibition game that I went to in Edmonton. It seems that they finally have that killer instinct to close out games and help secure the victory. We'll see how Mitchell works out as a DB this year, shouldn't be a problem for him.

2)Offence: as a whole they looked like a confident bunch that has the ability to move the ball. Finally we will see an offence that isn't one dimensional. KJ will have many different options to go to this year, Armstead, Dominguez, new rookie Fantuz who I hear has amazing hands, and lets not forget the game breaker KK. KK looked faster than ever in that 2nd exhibition game, and that 65 yarder he ran looked effortless.

I expect huge things from the team this year. 2-0 in exhibition is a good start and even though they were just pre-season games this years team looks determined. Everyone played hard right till the end of the game. I hope the distractions of last year are gone and the Riders can go on a long ride right to the Grey Cup. I can't wait to see the riders come to Edmonton twice and dominate the Eskimos.

Go Riders!

I will believe they are a good team when I see their record 12-6 or better at season's end.

Riders looking really good, start buying your playoff tickets.

I hope the the Riders will be able to host the Quad West Division Final this season, cuz I except that they will take the second spot in the West.