2006 madden and 2006 NCAA football

Hey guys just want to give you some info on maddens and NCAA 2006. I wen to this website and bought both for pretty cheap. Plus we can't buy NCAA football here in ontario. So I bought them both and got them in a day. I bought it for PS2 but i think they have it for Xbox as well you can check. here is the site to check out the games http://www.lordofthemalls.com

Don't care, I have 2005, mostly the same game.

Madden 06 has the Superstar mode, thats really the only diff from Madden 05. What do you mean you can't buy NCAA 2006 in Ontario? I bought it here.

Superstar mode, was is that?

Toronto plays in superstar mode.
Don't ask any rider fans what superstar mode is.They don't have any superstars on their team.LOL.Just kidding.Relax you rider fans.

How abou Winnipeg Saskargo?

actually argo champs, there is a bit more then superstar, there is the Vision cone thing. The higher the awareness of your QB the bigger area of the field is ighlighted for your qb to throw more accurate passes into. If nealon was in this game the whole field would be dark.
And I think this guy is probably the owner of this website so he is just plugging it. which is very very stupid and I think the mods should delete this post

SC is a CFL fan in Korea and is just a good football fan and can speak his mind.

keep the topic.

Hey guys. I'm a not the owner of the website. I care less wjo is. I found the two games on the net and had good service and just wanted to let you guys know. I read some post about maddens and came acroos this site and wanted to let you know. I live in Korea but born and Candian raised home for the summer. I could not find NCAA football in my home town Cambridge so I got excited to buy and play a non NFL game. Let hope the ticats win some more games. :slight_smile:

sorry for the accusation. I am always wary when someone somewhat advertises on a forum. Good to hear you still keep your CFL love strong in Korea.
I agree Madden is a good game. I probably won't buy NCAA.
I am just kind of Mad that EA got the exclusive NFL rights. I thought the ESPN game had better gameplay, plus it was half the price

Yeah, but maybe if ESPN had half a brain, they would make a CFL game.

I don't see it happening Kanga. The cost of doing a game like this, where they have to get everyones picture, their stats, etc, plus kind of make the game from scratch is quite costly. And besides Canada there isn't really much of a market. And since there are only 30 mil in Canada thats a pretty small market to make a game for. As much as I would love it I don't see it happening