2006 Lions wish list???

So what do you think we need to be successful in 2006?
My Priorities:

(1) Offensive line. I think we need another quality Guard & Tackle. With Dickenson never completing an entire season. He must stay healthy

(2) Field Goal Kicker. Keep Duncan as the Punter. If McLoughlin comes back, well maybe that will work. Duncan CANNOT go back to Field Goals.

(3) Linebacker. Carl Kidd is getting on in years. Simpson will be gone Feb 15. I think we could use 1 more quality Linebacker.

So, what do you thing. Add to the list, change the list?

Pretty much bang on with your wish list.

oline and place kicker for sure.......

Lions did sign a couple of O-linemen , hope they can help, and we did have a few extra Linebackers last year already waiting in the wings. That one new guy everyone was complaining about for his hits on punt returners was supposed to be pretty good Glatt should be a starter this year. I think we'll be pretty good at Linebacker.
What we really needed was a new o-coordinater and we aren't getting that. The Chap was our downfall last season , he couldn't out smart the better defences last season and his scemes were what was getting our qb's in trouble all the time.

Hi read about those two Linemen.....Do you have any stats or info about them PennW?

Nope , I probably just read what you did . Hope they're good though we sure need a few good ones. Hopefully there will be some better stuff in the playbook this year , that will help the oline out too . DD had to stand and wait far to long way to many times. They need some quick release plays and more 2 back sets to counter all that blitzing DD was up against.

Yeah, I wasn't impressed whith Chapedlaine play calling. I know the Calgary Posters were glad he left Calgary.

2006 wish list BC lions

1.) new jerseys

Nah, the jerseys are great. Glad that orange is back.

You don't like those orange ones? Actually I like their third ones best, Black with Orange trim. Need a Silver, not white helmet.

I don't know, Montreal is silver.

Wish list.... I hope Chapdelaine takes the U of Calgary job and the Lions get a new person to direct the offence. One with a little more imagination.

I agree with you LeoFan...I wasn't happy with Chapdelaines play calling either.

I hope CKNW is wrong on this mornings sports, (Although JP has a long list recently of being wrong) but they said Wally isn't interested in any free agents other than Stokes. I hope they are wrong. We haven't signed Singh yet. The two O-linemen we signed I know nothing about. I honestly beleive we cannot kid ourselves that we can challenge Edmonton and Calgary with the same crew we had as last year (Minus Simpson and Printers)

I hate putting our hopes on some college grads comming up this year.

crash and burn for the lions

I wouldn't say crash and burn...... I'd describe it as...Hmmm.... The car is skidding, and we need to get it under control! :wink:

1 should have been,sign casey. and trase injury prone dickenson. hence the baron signed with the peg. casey would have so;idified our team,instead ole times ole boys...

ps boooooooooooouno sucks


Dave is a capable QB and Casey, in my eyes was and stil isl unproven and A HOTDOG. The Lions will be fine as long as Wally shores up the O-line. Must you guys forget that it was Dave NOT Casey who was undefeated as a starter and well on his way to being MVP until he foolishly tried to tackle that guy in the Saskatchewan game. Dave is the Man and Casey is an arogant crybaby.

Good luck, Casey holding a clipboard, they won't put up with your bull like the Lions did last year.

Hey can’t we just get over the Casey/Dave thing and concentrate on what we have this year. No use crying over spilt milk… Casey is gone and in case you did not know … Damon Allen won the MVP not Dave Dickenson. Simpson is gone… That is all history… so just get behind the players and team for the 2006 season. Should be some good games seeing as some players have moved around the league… I am looking forward to the June game against the Ticats… see how Jason Maas and team does.

Ti-cats will be the most improved team this year...IMO

I hope the rumours about McCallam are true. I think the patience with O'Missy have run out.

We still need to sign Singh, and find 1 more o-lineman and Line backer.

The O-line needs work, no doubt, but the other side of the coin is DD. He may have had the most completions, and fewest turnovers last year, but if you look at the stats, he was also the most sacked QB. The O-line was half the problem, but the other half of the problem was most definetly DD holding on to the ball waaaaay too long. He needs to realize that sometimes it's better to throw the ball away than to take a sack...he might even be healthy an entire season if he kept the sack count down to a reasonable level.