2006 Jogo Hamilton Tiger-Cats Checklist

For any of you CFL card collectors out there, here is the checklist for the 2006 Jogo Hamilton Tiger-Cats player cards:

128 - Agustin Barrenechea
134 - Roger Dunbrack
155 - James Cotton
157 - Jason Maas
158 - Ray Mariuz
159 - DeVonte Peterson
162 - Corey Holmes
164 - George Hudson
165 - Marwan Hage

There are two variations for each of the above cards, one from the black-bordered collectors sets and one from the white-bordered players set. In addition there is a variation set released which contains two Tiger-Cats:

12-SP Jesse Lumsden
14-SP Terry Vaughn

I forgot to add DaVon Fowlkes from the rookie card set, (number 14-R). If anybody is interested you can get these cards as well as complete sets from:

750 Baseline Rd.
Ottawa, Ont.
K2C 3V8
Tel: (613) 228-9554
e-mail: gamebreakers@bellnet.ca

Is it just me, or when these card were made DJ Flick was our most outstanding player the year before...

Is Andy Petek card still on order?

This is how it works: If a player wants to be included in a set he pays a fee to the card producer who in turn supplies the player with a couple of hundred cards which the player can hand out or autograph for promotional purposes. I guess DJ wasn't interested in getting a card included in this year's set. As for Andy Petek, I don't think the photographer was around long enough to witness his "15 minutes" of fame, if it were 15 minutes at all.

This explains why the list looks the way it does... lol.

You mean the players pay to be on a JOGO card? I think I'll spend a few bucks and get myself included in next year's set.

An Argo fan

It's the smallest contribution from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that I've ever seen. Maybe they just didn't want to be associated with the sad-sack excuse of a football team that took to the field this year.