2006 CFL U.S. Broadcasts - Friday Night Blackouts

Unless you’re one of the handful of CFL fans in the U.S. with high-definition equipment and Dish Network’s VOOM WorldSport HD channel, one game per week is completely blacked out. You can’t even get the standard-definition version on DirecTV, AmericaOne, or your regional sports network.

How is this supposed to benefit CFL fans in the U.S.?!?!

Here’s how the Friday Night Blackouts break down by team:

Winnipeg - 7 games unavailable
BC - 6 games unavailable
Edmonton - 6 games unavailable
Calgary - 5 games unavailable
Hamilton - 4 games unavailable
Montreal - 4 games unavailable
Saskatchewan - 4 games unavailable
Toronto - 4 games unavailable

I’m a Blue Bomber fan with DirecTV, and this arrangement blacks out nearly 40% of the games.

This really stinks!!!

Yup, that's really bad ... I can't even see any reason for doing that.

I cannot comment about any other team but I do know that the games are not blacked out in Montreal. Are you just assuming they are blacked out in the home city because there is a rule that says each team must lift 2 or 3 blackouts per year

yeah, as a Bomber and a CFL fan, I’m pissed off about that as well! but some programs do show a lot of FNF games, but ALL of them should.

with all the hype surrounding this season, this is a slap in the face!