2006 CFL Schedule

I see the 2006 schedule is now available. Totally excited because now I have 4 months to plan the Lions games I want to attend out of town. I do this every year and Edmonton, Calgary and Regina reap the benefits of me being in their stadium. lol.

Just wondering if anyone one else here may have plans to travel to CFL cities outside their province this season to watch their team play or even catch a game and other CFL games.

Always catch the Esks for their game in toronto. Last year went to see them in hamilton as well. this year going to try to see them in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal.

...oh, just realised you asked outside province, and i live in Toronto now

......still, that's pretty decent travelling maux........looks like a lot of fun......

I guess 3 teams are in Ontario so I should have said outside their city. That's awesome that you go to see the Esks in those cities. Montreal is the only stadium I've never watched the Lions play in but have been to all the stadiums in the CFL at least once.

Unfortunately I have a hunch I'll be too poor to travel to watch my Stamps play :frowning: But I still would definitely like to make it up to Edmonton for the Labour Day rematch again (last year was the first time), and it would be really fun to get out to Regina for a Stamps game, too. Last year, while visiting Seattle, my friend and I went up to Vancouver for the Lions-Renegades game (the one on the Future Shop ad), and that was a lot of fun. I'm proud to say that this year I went to 11 regular-season games, 1 (very, very wet) pre-season game, and 1 playoff game ... and hopefully I can improve on that number this year :slight_smile: (even if I don't think I'll be able to)

Depends on how the pension cheques get spent... :roll:

Its a tradeoff....Mrs Sportsmen goes shopping and I get the road trip. We both know friends and relatives in Calgary & Edmonton. Last year we went to Commonwealth to watch the Lions there. In other years we have been to Calgary and Edmonton. I would like to take an extended trip to Regina and catch a Riders game for the first time First question from wife was...whats in Regina? My neighbour offered up :

(1) A Casino
(2) A Casino
(3) A Casino

Plus he joked about being able to see Winnipeg from the tallest building.

So if I can't convince Mrs Sportsmen to go to Regina, we'll probably take a trip to Calgary this year.

........Sporty, you forgot that Regina has a Casino..........

........actually, there is the RCMP Museum, the Museum of Natural History, um,.....Wascana Lake..............and some Casinos..........

.....and, Moose Jaw is only a 1/2 hour drive away.....providing they've reopened, you could go see the tunnels under the city.....good old Capone.....

.......and you could go to the Moose Jaw Casino!........

.....very true.....come to PA and check out our casino, too.....

Glad to see the Casino industry is alive and well!

I'm really partial to Calgary though.....Especially those tailgate guys and their Bar-B-Ques!

We'll see where we go for an away game this year!

I'd like to see a game in another city this year. doubtful it will happen though. Gonna be in Europe for most of the summer. Should be back for the second half of the year, but I will most likely be dead broke.

Hey Billy have fun over there and proudly display that red and white flag!
You know the one with the red background and the white galloping horse ha ha ha kidding! Have fun pictures when you get back alright!

PS Hankthetank I am kissing billy's butt!

PSS not really billy!

I think he thought you were kissing Rider fans buts, not mine. I think anyone on here would know that you would never do such a thing

Europe??? I thought you'd be back tree planting and getting chased by bears?


but the hotels sux in Paris, be prepared.

As posted in a different thread, I’m hoping to see the Argos play in Montreal this August. If I make it, it’ll be my first visit to Percival Molson; thus completing my checklist of stadiums in the East… at least until Halifax gets their team. I just have to remember to go to the game first before…

… I end up at the Casino. :lol:

Oh I'll be doing both Sportsmen. I am in Cache Creek at the end opf April for about a month, then I am off to Germany in June for the World Cup. Not a big soccer fan, but I figure the party should be a good time. And Kanga, I doubt I will be staying in very many hotels. More along the way of hostels, campgrounds, and hopefully some nice european beds 8)

trust me, mate, I been to Europe, the rooms are the size of a shoebox, don't get one!