2005 Season Predictions

Aright, let's get some discussion in here. Here are my predictions (as crazy as they seem) for this upcoming season:

1st Toronto (13-5)
2nd Ottawa (10-8)
3rd Montreal (9-9)
4th Hamilton (6-12)

1st Edmonton (14-4)
2nd B.C. (12-6)
3rd Saskatchewan (11-7)
4th Calgary (9-9)
5th Winnipeg (3-15)

Resulting Playoff Predictions: Eliminated: Hamilton, Calgary and Winnipeg

Toronto b[/b]
East Semi - Montreal @ Ottawa (Ottawa Wins)

Edmonton b[/b]
West Semi - Saskatchewan @ B.C. (B.C. Wins)

East Final - Ottawa @ Toronto (Toronto Wins)
West Final - B.C. @ Edmonton (Edmonton WIns)

GREY CUP - Toronto vs Edmonton

(Edmonton Wins Grey Cup)

Any questions?



I'm going to have to disagree!
In the east:
The Ticats will not do as badly as you're predicting, they're getting almost everyone back from last season and last season was a very positive one for them. They've got very good coaching so it's hard to see them do poorly. Their weakness is at QB and kicking.
Montreal has lost some key players, but they always find new ones, and Matthews will keep them competitive, although I don't think they'll dominate like they have and I wonder how long before the players get sick of Matthews.
The Argos will still suck on offence, will win boring games with defence and special teams, and I don't think they'll improve much with Allen still at QB.
The Renegades, if Joseph stays healthy and they find a even a mediocre kicker, will improve, especially if Greg Marshall can solidify their defence.
The east division will be very competitive and if a starting QB gets injured, their team will be in trouble.

In the west:
I'm from Hamilton and I live in Ottawa, so I don't care really.

Toronto (11-7)
Hamilton (10-8 )
Montreal (10-8 )
Ottawa (9-9)

BC (13-5)
Edm (10-8 )
Ssk (8-10)
Cgy (6-12)
Wpg (4-14)

Here are my picks:


Edmonton and Saskatchewan may trade places depending on Greene with his bum leg and Edmontons rookie coach and RD Lancaster as OC.

I love how everyone is writing Montreal off when they're coming off a 14-4 season and two milestones (Calvillo passing for 6000+ yards and the Als being the only CFL team to have 4 1000-yard receivers in one season). Sure, we've lost a number of defensive players but we always bounce back.

I predict that my Als will still lead the East this year, although I don't think we'll be dominant. Toronto and Hamilton will be close at second and third respectively. As for Ottawa ... I don't know. I have a feeling that this could be a messy year like the TiCats 2003 season. They need new ownership that's actually willing to spend cash on players.

West? Calgary's spent like a drunken sailor, but B.C. is still the team to beat as far as I'm concerned, with the best 1-2 quarterback punch in the league, a stellar receiving corp and a secondary bolstered by Barron Miles. Edmonton is on the downswing right now but always seems to find a way to stay in the playoff, so they'll come in at a distant two. Calgary and Saskatchewan will be fighting for that third playoff spot, while Winnipeg is going to spend the whole year wondering why they thought Kevin Glenn would be a better starting QB than Khari Jones.

I’d love to share your optimism over Ottawa hawthy, but I think Hamilton is a team on the rise. The battle between the Gades and the Ti-Cats will be fierce. As for TO winning it all again…I would put my money on BC this year.

Here are my picks (If everyone stays healthy which wont happen)
1-Montreal- They still have the best QB in the east. Mathews always does great in the regular season then well lets say their playoffs are mediocre
2-Toronto- Offensively they still arent very good but their defense will carry this team
3-Ottawa- Injuries killed them last year. Marshall will improve the defense considerably and Joeseph is a game breaker.
4-Hamilton A great coach and a great year last year but QB is too questionable and they really didnt add anything in the off season (Brazell excepted)

1- BC - best one two QB in the land. Offense is basically back in tack and Defense has definately improved
2-Sask- losing Burris wont hurt at all. Defense is very strong and offense with a full year of Kieth will get the job done
3-Calgary- they just improved all around
4-Edmonton- they are a team in decline, aged receivers, QB with good stats except in the win column, Defense is also getting old
5-Winipeg- They might even be better than Edmonton but I didnt see any real game breakers added in the off season.

I think the Grey Cup will be between the Lions and Als with BC winning on home turf with Printers at QB (depending on his toe injury).

Yikes! Why is everyone so tough on us? I don't see why we would drop so much. How about this...

Montreal (I have to be honest)

The East is going to be a dog fight. The Als will not run away with the division this year.

so very little faith in the blue and gold in this thread. just remember the problems with injuries last year. basically our entire secondary. we gained a good fb and better qb with wynn(still our major problem) we will not destroy teams this year but will get into the playoffs. to assume the gades would do better than the bombers or anyone for that matter is a curiosity to me. but good on ya. cheer for your team. i like joseph if he stays healthy.. and have fun with howell he's a game breaker-don't know what we will do without him. (maybe win some more games-practice roster is where he belongs)

yah i agree with marcel and others that said that Hamilton is on the rise. I don't know if they'll come out on top but i think they have the potential to put up a pretty good fight. Hopefully they'll have a better offensive game this season and Marshall has shown that he can hold his own...I mean hopefully he's still getting the kinks out from the move from university to Canadian football in 200...4? or 2003 (i really don't remember)...and we're still to see the best from him.

and of course i hope the roughriders do some damage this season...i'm really looking forward to Greene being back! and let's not have any repeats of the whole missing of the "crucial game field goal" action like that of last season! uh!that really really sucked!....but here's to a new season!!!!!

my picks


                         toronto and calgary in the grey cup. calgary wins!

ottawa and hamilton wil be the beast of the east on defence that is hamilton will finish 1st ottawa a very close second then mtl will be a very dissapointed 3rd and the shmargos will fall flat on their face dead last from champs to chumps thats what u get for not improving ur team when u had the chance loosers b.c and the gren riders will be the very best in the west b.c 1st riders 2nd very close again edm 3rd despite signing mr.chip hero ray himself cal 4rth and last wpg cup finals riders vs ticats to close to call for this one boys

The East is going to be so tight, ya won’t be able to squeeze a football through it! I’m afraid to make a prediction on the East because I think it will come down to which QBs stay healthy. And odds are, its going to be the older guys who don’t - Danny Mac, Cavillo and Allen. This bodes well for Ottawa.

Trouble is Kerry Joseph is no spring chicken either (32 years old)

Please learn some English. Thanks for coming out

Montreal and Toronto to battle for 1st with Mtl taking it this year.
Ottawa ahead of Hamtown b/c we have a QB and they have a double chin old dude who used to hide behind his oline but won't be able to...

Everybody said the Hami @ 9-9 last year is on the rise but that's only b/c Ott fell apart with injuries last year.... That won't happen this year. Ott's D is stronger and faster then Ham's.

BlueBummers behind Ott and HAm.

Uncle Earnie.

Josheph @ 32 is no spring Chicken?

What about Damon Allen @ 42
What about McManus @ 40+

32 = prime! Plus he's 20pounds lighter this year!

Was looking at the season predictions and I would like to congratulate redandwhite for a very good prediction. Only Montreal and Toronto are incorrect, excellent job.