2005 Playoff Crossover-will it happen?

I think its almost undeniable that a west team will crossover into the east this year. I think that with problems with having a proven quarterback while henry burris is injured will force the stamps to crossover. What does everyone else think?

calgary will lose to montreal 7-7
will beat hamilton 8-7
will lose to saskatchewn 8-8
will beat winnipeg 9-8
lose to Edmonton 9-9

will take 4th in west and is a HUGE improvement on last year, and will do EVEN BETTER next year

Sask will lose to BC 7-7....( edit* i was wrong 8-6)
will lose to montreal 8-7
will lose to edmonton 8-8
will beat calgary 9-8
lose to BC 9-9

Ottawa will beat hamilton 6-9
beat hamilton 7-9
lose to montreal 7-10
lose to toronto 7-11

therefore, calgary only needs to win one more game and ottawa will not make the playoffs ( calgary will make them, only to be crushed by montreal )

edit* well, now that sask beat BC, it seems ottawa has NO CHANCE at catching them...BUT they still have a shot at calgary, since calgary is without Burris....if ottawa can beat hamilton, that moves them to 6-9, while calgary has a week off and stays at 7-7....ottawa will be only one game back from the TIE, and ottawa plays hamilton again.

i hope as a stampeder fan i would ether see the stamps move a head of edmonton for second in the west or calgary cross-over and sneek in the back door to the grey cup

As the weeks go by, it seems that Calgary will CO.


Saskatchewan has a really tough schedule. I think they will cross over.

I think Calgary will crossover because for some reason Saskatchewan seems to come up with great games when they most need them, it wouldn't surprise me if they defeated the BC Lions tonight. I'm not expecting it, but it wouldn't surprise me. Also with Henry Burris hurt, I think starting the backup quarterback is more of a detriment to Calgary than it is to Saskatchewan who is starting Crandall over Nealon Green. (Is he hurt, or just ineffective?) We shall see in the nest 6 weeks or so!

N. greene was ineffective, that is why Crandell is now the Starter.

I think Calgary will crossover. I only see them winning two games. On against Ham, one against Wpg, and neither of those are gaurenteed. I think the Riders will win 3, one against BC, Calgary, and MTL. Edmonton just might be 10-8 also, but they will get second due to probably beating the Riders by more then 1 point.
Nothinkg in this damn league is all that predictible so Anything can happen still

I love how unpredictable the CFL is, it makes it way more interesting thant he NFL. Except when it comes to betting. I've bet against my friend who doesn't know much about the cfl and he usually picks the underdog, but in the past few weeks i've been losing money!

Hopefully edmonton crosses over, it would be nice to see them not have a home playoff game for once

and that would make a GREY-CUP like eastern first round

I'd love to see Edmonton cross over, but somehow don't think it'll happen. That would be quite the tailspin they'd have to go into to do it, but if the attitude problems I've read about from posters on here are true, I guess it's possible.

Although I'd prefer Edmonton to get a home playoff game, the way the riders have been playing lately is pretty scary. I still think that it will be Calgary who crosses over. By the way, anyone know when Burris is expected to be back? and if not did they decide whos starting their next game, stil Wimprine or is it that other guy(forgot his name).

We've got two weeks to decide. My gut feeling says we hold
Burris back and start Wimprine against Hamilton.

If he lays another egg, Harris comes in. If the games close and neither
are getting the job done, in Burris comes to pitch relief.

Could see this scenario happening for awhile.

The crossover is likely, unless our Gades win all remaining 4 games. Once again the odds are stacked in favour of the west. Happy Hughie?

Scrap this crossover nonsense.
Our Constitutional Rights are being violated. :wink:

I think we should just get another team in the east and get rid of the crossover.

Billy who will cross over that is yet to be determined!

I am not even sure what you are trying to say here. So how am I supposed to respond.
Its english, you are speaking kangaese

Okay the riders are not crossing over as yet! And I will say I have gone through your posts and you are correct you never stated that the riders would host a playoff game how is that?

Wow, look at how many people said Calgary would be crossing over. It's surprising compared to the # for sask, and the fact that sask is probably crossing over.

Billy included!