2005 Jogo CFL Card set is now available.


A lot of CFL fans probably don't know that Jogo - a small Canadian family run business has been producing CFL cards for 24 years. This year is the 25th anniversary of Jogo CFL cards.

The set will have 200 cards. Production is limited to 400 sets this year, down from 500 sets last year. It is hard to believe that for all the CFL fans across Canada and in the USA that there are so few collectors. It could be that a lot of fans do not know where they can get the cards. They are available only in set form and will not be found at the local corner store.

The 2005 Jogo CFL card set can be preordered through Ab D. Cards - another small Canadian family run business. www.abdcards.com
They have been carrying Jogo CFL cards from the very beginning and you can also order older CFL sets from them. Ab D. Cards - Oops! You Found Our 404 Page! Let Us Get You Back To The Page You Want!

We hope that the CFL fans will continue to support JOGO so that there will still be CFL cards being made in the future.

There have been CFL cards made by Topps, O-Pee-Chee and Pacific in the past, but they are no longer being made. We do not want to see Jogo get sidelined as well.[/b]

Your right. I've looked but never found CFL cards.

Thanks for the web links!

Go to the CFL HALL OF FAME..... WEBSITE............STORE......they sell cards of all kinds.