2005 Hotdog Round Up

I get to do a bit of travelling and as a side benefit, I also get to hit football games across the country. A big part of the game for me is the food at the parks, and I am curious how other fans rate the ‘dogs’ in their home parks.

I love catching games at taylor field but trying to get a good hotdog there is tougher than finding making a fieldgoal this year. Out of Calg, Edm, Regina, Toronto and Montreal (ones Ive visited this year) Montreal still wins the prize for me.

(And if this topic is just too silly…errr…how about that Ryan…good Regina boy with the bionic leg. Someone bring him home.

You can Add Clermont as well… OH well maybe its BC way of payback for us having Elgaard for all those years… :smiley:

Tank trust me you wont get Ryan if anyone does its the NFL....(god forbid) and if the Riders do.........

and what the heck i think winnipegs hotdogs are 6 out of 10

i've had good and bad ones at Taylor Field. The ones in the stands are usually junk. The ones you get from the BBQ in front of the stadium are really good.

Yeah those hamburgers at commonwealth are awesome, hot dogs are decent, but those wonderful wonderful patties... i love you Alberta Beef! the sweet sweet taste of a 1/4 of a pound of wonderful fabulous beef dripping in fat.. there is only one man who understands what i mean, he is a great man, widely misunderstood, he of course, is the Hamburgler.


Burgers at BC Place suck big time

Hot dogs at BC place are cold and awful…Unless you want to bounce them to play “fetch” with your dog…

This season at east side of Taylor Field they have added a bbq cart with good Brats and other sausages. Much better than the Hot Dogs and Smokies in the regular food concessions.

Still can not figure out why in the regular concessions hambugers and hot dogs are sold in seperate booths. Why make people go to two lines!