2005 GC,....,2007 GC.....2006, where's the web site????

I have been bring up the fact that there isn't a 2006 Grey Cup web site. Thought at first it was due to respect for the 2005 Grey cup that had yet to be played but now that TO has a 2007 site up and running, what's the deal?

Someone here in Winterpeg has dropped the ball. Or is it the League?

The shinny 2006 GC logo has been out for weeks but no website.

And worse yet, when you go to the 2007 site and click on the 2006 link, it brings you back to 2007. Unbelievable.

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i think the people running the 06 grey cup are slow.

very slow and poorly organized


heres an article suggesting the winnipeg grey cup with be the disgrace of the 3 ( BC 05, winnipeg 06, and toronto 07 )

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Friesen/2005/11/17/1311001-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Fr ... 1-sun.html[/url]

That sound you heard yesterday was the pressure being ratcheted up a notch or two on the 2006 Grey Cup game, here in the 'Peg.

With this year's game already a sellout in Vancouver, and the '07 game awarded to Toronto yesterday, next year's finds itself bookended by potentially huge success stories in two of the country's biggest markets.

B.C. Place will be jammed with 60,000 fans in 10 days, and the football renaissance in Toronto -- the Argonauts expect a crowd of 45,000 to 50,000 for this Sunday's East Final against Montreal -- makes a Cup sellout at the building formerly known as SkyDome a virtual slam dunk.

The question is: How will the Winnipeg Grey Cup look in comparison?

The Blue Bombers plan a slightly scaled-down version of the big game, offering some 45,000 seats.

And while club president Lyle Bauer says early sales are "very encouraging," he might want to keep this in mind: the best seats, usual scooped up by season-ticket holders with the first right of refusal, are never difficult to sell.

It's the last 10,000-15,000 fans that make or break the thing.

You only have to look back to '98 and the embarrassing turnout (34,157) at Winnipeg Stadium that remains the smallest Grey Cup crowd in the last 30 years.

It was also one that barely broke even.

The ingredients for that mess: A Bomber team that couldn't string together more than seven wins in the previous two seasons combined, and a $100 price tag for the worst seats in the house.

Well, the Bombers are coming off a five-win season, their second straight out of the playoffs, and tickets for next year's game start at close to $100.

For a team that so desperately needs to hit a financial home run, it would appear there is much work to be done -- and not much time to do it.

FAMINE ON THE PRAIRIES: So, Saskatchewan (16 years) and Winnipeg (15) are now in a combined 31-year Grey Cup famine, the two longest current and continuous droughts in the CFL.

Think it's a coincidence that these are two of the lowest-spending teams, too?

Sure, and it's a coincidence the teams that seem to spend the most every year -- B.C., Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto -- are the ones still playing this weekend.

No, throwing money around is no guarantee (hello, Bernie and Lonie Glieberman), but combine it with football smarts, and chances are you'll be playing deep into November.

I mean, the Eskimos spent well over $600,000 on quarterbacks Ricky Ray ($400,000-plus) and Jason Maas (a reported 200 Gs) -- nearly 25% of the per-team spending limit, on two players!

Whatever happened to the salary cap?

Oh, yeah, Lions owner David Braley mistook it for a floor and stepped all over it.

IN A CASH CORNER: I'd bet on the Roughriders retaining shoot-from-the-hip GM Roy Shivers, who, in turn, will keep Danny Barrett and his underwhelming career record (48-59-1) as head coach. In part, because of the money it would take to buy them out.

With a year left on both men's contracts, reports out of Regina indicate the 'Riders would have to eat $400,000 to let them go early, no small amount in the world of the community-owned team.

AND FINALLY: Can't help but wonder how much interest the Bombers would have if the B.C. Lions were to put quarterback Casey Printers on the market.

Let's fact it, the way Printers has handled the quarterback controversy in Vancouver this season, taking turns sulking and doing a slow burn whenever he didn't play, calls into question his character and leadership qualities.

Especially when you put him next to someone like Edmonton's Jason Maas.

Can't help but wonder, too, how Bomber fans would react, should their team go after Printers by, say, offering an established star or two in trade.

Winnipeg should draw 50,000, no less

how can they draw 50 000, when theres only gonna be 45 000 seats?

make 5,000 more like Halifax did.

Just was reading the article just as you were posting it Drumming..... I just sent an email to Paul Friesen and left a voice mail as well.

Being from winterpeg, this is really pissing me off. I had even planned to take time off during the 2006GC so I can voluteer and take in as many to the events as my liver can stand. But so far other than the seat cost ( which I got with my season ticket renewal) there has been a prettie logo and nothing else to back it up..

2007 GREY CUP , Toronto : website [not much info is there yet , of course] :smiley:


2006 GC, Winnipeg website


yeah, I wish


it turns into the Toronto one, that's very sad.

I don't get that ........still some bugs to be worked out ,I guess.

it's a joke HT, there is no 2006 GC website yet.

Just finalizing some details and we will post the site...

Both 06 and 07 are micro sites...In the works is an Official Grey Cup site...which will launch in 2006...it will have historical content, MVP info, standings, Video ...all things GC....



Thanks CFLpm....but wouldn't be a good idea to have it....oh let's say....during Grey Cup week when The interest is peeked....not being critical here...well actually I am. But I don't think it should be the CFL's responsiblity alone.
The Winnipeg Football Club should be involved too, concidering it has the most to gain or loss. Since the site also is to show case the City of winnipeg, province of manitoba...etc., etc.....


well done, CFLpm!

sounds awesome

true, very true.

I have a feeling that the Bluebombers will continue a losing season next year, and draw a small crowd for the GC. I agree with the article that it's probably going to be disspaointment when compared to the BC and TOR grey cups.

I wonder with all that brew-ha-ha that happened with Asper earlier this season has something to do with the Bombers dragging their heels in the 2006 GC developments.

Well, all I can say is hopefully Winnipeg picks up their heels and does a good job promoting the event.

Completely off-topic, am I the only one who notices that the waves coming over the football (on the 2005 logo) look like a lion's paw? Neat!


CFLpm...just a few more questions on this issue and I'll try and sit and wait for the Site to appear.
Since 1991 when the BB bought the GC from the CFL for 3 million it set the standard and model for years to come. it also created interest that , hey the GC can be profitable. In 1998 when we hosted the GC is was anything but a success, HOWEVER, at the time no one wanted it and Winnipeg took it on with less than a years preperation.
Like I have said on another forum Ourbombers.com, I had thought the reason for a 2006 site not up and running was (silly me) due to respect for BC and not to steal any thunder from their GC.
The fact that TO 2007 is going to have the GC and Vanier cup in the same weekend is OUTSTANDING. It is great for all the reasons in the press release.
My question is, Why did the League post the site for 2007 before 2006? Did anyone from the league say..."hey winnipeg, what's up?...we want unvail the this great event in 2007, what have got ready for 2006 so we can unvail it first?".
Now, already our own sport writers are saying" oh 2005 gc..sold out....wow great event in TO 2007...2006 is probably going to suck".
As my memiory serves me there was a time not so long ago when there were tons of empty seats in the Skydome and BC place during the GC game and the league had to put on the Show it's self.

My last point, some where, some how there has to be some leadership at the League office and from the last few days, I just don't see it. Promoting an event 2 years from now when the eventin one year isn't even off the ground yet is bush. Or is it the CFL is making it's stand the we don't care about community owned teams, let's go to cities with owners with deep pockets. This may not be true but you can see how easy it is to come to that conclusion.

This is the response I got from Paul Friesen @ Winnipeg SUN.

Hi Paul... I'm told the CFL is supposed to provide the site. Not sure what's
going on, there. The festival part of the Cup will have its own site, I'm
told. Better be soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

Paul Friesen
Winnipeg Sun