2005 CFL West Predictions

Just wondering how people were thinking about the 2005 season and their predictions. Obviously there are alot of question marks but here goes nothing!


#1 - BC - Hard to deny a 1-2 Quarterbach punch like they have. As a Bomber fan I would love to be in that position. It doesn't matter if their "D" allows 40 pts. a game, they'll score 50!

#2 - Saskatchewan - As much as I don't want to admit it. The Riders almost have the same team now for the last couple of years. They know how to play together as a team and it will show. If Nealon can stay healthy, there is no reason why they shouldn't be a top contender.

#3 - Winnipeg / Edmonton - To close too call. We have an aging Eskimo offence against a completely new coaching staff with the Bombers. The Esks might pull out some veteran saavy, but then again, a fresh start with a new attitude may benefit a bunch of under achievers. If Maas can play more consistent and more importantly keep Khari off the field, they should be fine. If Kevin Glenn keeps his feet moving and the O-line gives a little better protection, we might see a deep throw this year! Better yet, we'll skunk the Riders again this year!

#4 - See Above

#5 - Calgary - Decent acquisitions. I think Copeland was a good pickup, but after that who do they give the ball to? Burris, in my opinion, is by far the most over rated QB in the league. You could have put Danny Barrett back in as QB with that Sask. offence and won. Also the newly found love for the Stamps makes me sick. Last year you didn't hear a word from a Stamp fan and for good reason. Now here we are 10 weeks away from the 2005 season and they are planning the parade route! Don't hurt your ankles when you jump off the wagon!

So far, here are my expectations:

1- BC (with about 26 points)
2- Edmonton (with about 22)
3- Saskatchewan (with about 20)
4- Calgary (with about 15)
5- Winnipeg (with about 12)

well BC may have 2 good QBs, but theres only one on the field at the time

Hey Chaci, go back to smooching Joanie, your predicitions belong in the fantasy area of this website, not where real men discuss football. And I take offense to your claim that stamp fans cowered under rocks in the Huddle last year, I for one was in here daily taking abuse and sticking up for my Team, and I can think of at least half a dozen other fans from Cowtown doing the same. Not for the Bozo Owner and the Keystone Cop Coaching Staff, but for the men battling it out on the field, and Hmmmmm....let me scratch my head here, don't seem to remember your nick all that well so take your opinions of last year and stuff em where the sun don't shine.

Edmonton misses the playoffs this year for the first time in 35 years, and Calgary will be one slot above them to rub their nose in it.

and wow…thats almost exactly like the post i posted on another topic…with almost the same reasons…different results though.

I don't really disagree with any of those predictions chotchie. Although I think calgary will do a little better than you predict and the esks a little worse

I completely agree with your thoughts about how the west will unfold chotchie. Everything that you stated is true, except for a few of the Stumps fans such as R&W, who did show up to the huddle on a daily basis to take their lumps. I do feel that Edmonton will place higher then Calgary and that Winnipeg will place third and get the last playoff game.


Let the season unfold.......

I do remember reading a lot of posts from Stamps fans staying true to Calgary last year. Other than RedandWhite, some names come to my mind: CalgaryRed, redwhite, Stampfaninsask…

When someone says, for example, its team sucks because the coach doesn’t play the running game or made bad decision, it doesn’t means it’s jumping off the bandwagon. A real fan can identify its team weaknesses. All teams have weaknesses (though I admit it is a bit hard to identify BC’s current ones…)

I don’t know how good the “new Stamps” will come together, but bashing their fans isn’t right. They were classy last season. (Okay, some became a bit arrogant during the off-season shopping spree, but let’s put that on the excitement of finally getting dedicated owners).

O.K. last year I said Allen would be MVP and Argos Champs.
This year I'm going to say.Bombers will win the west.
T.Martin the back up Q.B. will shine.My gut feeling.
Edmonton and B.C. will be strong.
Riders you don't have a chance.Be happy if you can beat Ottawa.
Riders will win only 3 games this year!!!

Okay, and since you were this accurate last year, what do you foresee in the East ?

REAL STAMP FANS: Please do not take my remarks about you seriously. My comment was more directed at the media and the "newly found" stamp fans. You know who I'm talkin about. The fan who used to cheer when the Stamps were in their glory years. Then the team loses and he stops going to the games. Then one day he hears on the radio they signed "that good quarterback from Saskatchewan" and all of the sudden the Stamps are cool again. I think that it's great that the true fans stick with their team through thick and thin. Hey I'm a Bomber fan, I haven't had much to cheer about for a few years now!

Montreal and Toronto will fight it out in the east.Unless ti-cats get flutie.
Ottawa stinks,and Ti-cats also stink.
Who ever stays healthy between anthony and damon.
It is a toss up.
I will say this,Who ever wins the east will win the cup!!!!

I sure can live with that.

Chotchie, the so-called fans you refered to exist in every city. I'm pretty sure about 25% of the crowd in Montreal isn't able to name 3 Alouettes players and that proportion must jump to about 50% if you forbid them from naming Anthony Calvillo, Ben Cahoon and Sylvain Girard.

It must be very hard to fill a stadium only with highly devoted fans such as those camping in this huddle. To fill a place, you need all these other timely fans who just wanted to be there because "it's a fun thing to do" or "it's trendy to have tickets to the game".

Third and Ten,

I agree with you totally about the fairweather fans. But I think you missed my point.

"Riders will win only 3 games this year!!!". I will say this saskargo, you sure are funny

you do not use anything to back up your arguments other then preexisting biases against a team. Every single person in this huddle has to admit that tHe Riders have a legitimate shot at winning the cup (as do most of the other teams) and are definetly going to win more than 3 games.
And about the East team winning the cup. I would not be suprised but I believe that whoever comes out of the West will win, and I figure that will be BC or Sask.

Hey billy soup.
If you want to go with facts to back them up.We will.
Fact your riders chances of winning are 1-9 this year.
Fact you have won 2 cups in 93 years.
Fact riders qb's are a joke.
Fact Burris screwed you guys.
Fact,can you blame him after what you fans do if you lose.
Fact riders couldn't beat my argos last year.
Fact all you can say is that you beat Edmonton in west semi-final.
Now go to louis Pub and have a few beer.Then say to your self these facts are all true.
You don't have any facts.
You haven't improved your roster from last year.With this being said,you will not improve.
You won't even make the playoffs.
Hey how is Hank doing?That is right he knows that alberta is the best province to live.

shotchie, point taken, being that this was the first time we butted heads and you were decent about the retort I retract my claws. I thought you were an eskimos fan too which simply added fuel to the fire. I guess what gets my britches in a knot is having spent the last three seasons as the basement dwellers of the league and having made what I think to be considerable changes over this past off-season I can't abide well with the attitude that a game against Calgary is still a guarenteed win. Hopefully this season will prove that us Stamps fans claims are true, we have turned a corner. I know respect needs to be earned, by play, not just by signings......

...and I think Sask will also win more than three games.....Look at the circus we had last year and we managed four!

ya even winnipeg might do ore than 3 games, i think there wont be any teams that wil be at the definite top or bottom. im thinking minimum 5 wns or losses. all that matters in the end though is who wins the grey cup, and who wins the battleof alberta, go esks!


We need more people like you in the huddle. But who is this Saskargo? Weak Facts.

#1 - Quit watching Mike York and his BS predictions. What were the Argos to win last year? 1-100??
#2 - Does how many cups you have won mean anything. See the Tampa Bay Lightning.
#3 - Hate to break it to you bud, but Damon Allen is old as the hills and gets hurt every year! Who are you going to turn to when he gets hurt this year? Krause who? Hey I hear Bishop is tearing up the Arena League! Whoopie! I think we've seen what Bishop can do in the CFL, next up!
#4 - The best thing for the Riders was not to sign Burris. He has never won a big game and was inconsistent at best. Hey, just like Bishop!
#5 - The way I see it is Burris freed up $350,000 to the Riders. So when a real QB is available they got some cash flow. Who knows mabey Damon Allen's grandson?
#6 - If the Argos lose, no one goes to the games. They stay home and whine cause the NFL isn't there. How many times have the Riders gone Bankrupt?
#7 - No rebuttal, they couldn't beat my Bombers either.
#8 - How many times did it take before the Argos beat the Als in division final? 4 tries? And the only reason is because Calvillo went down.

I'm not taking anything away from wht the Argos did last year. You have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. The Riders are a younger team who plays both sides of the ball very well. Believe me I have no love for the Riders but I can respect a good team. 3 wins? Put the bong away!