2005 CFL Mock Draft (Top 15 Selections)

1st Round

Name - Jesse Lumsden
School - McMaster RB
Info -http://www.athrec.mcmaster.ca/athletics/teams/football/news/2004/oct13mediaconference/

[url=http://www.nflcflfutures.com/NFLCFLFuturesOnTheRise04/1018.html]http://www.nflcflfutures.com/NFLCFLFutu ... /1018.html[/url]

Name - Miguel Robede
School - Laval DL
Info - http://cis.infinityprosports.com/2004/i ... 13&recap=1

Name - Cam Yeow
School - Akron LB
Info - http://gozips.collegesports.com/sports/ ... cam00.html

Name - Matt Kudu
School - Eastern Michigan DL
Info - http://www.emich.edu/goeagles/football/bios/kudu.html

Name - Les Mullings
School - St. Marys FB
Info - http://www.atlanticuniversitysport.com/ ... nse-04.php

Name - Fabio Felice
School - McMaster OL
Info - N/A

Name - Oliver Manigat
School - Columbia OL
Info - http://www.allsports.com/nfl/prodraft/ol.htm

Name - Alexis Bwenge
School - Kentucky FB
Info - http://www.ukathletics.com/index.php?s= ... e_id=10400

Name - Nick Kaczur
School - Toldeo OG
Info - http://utrockets.collegesports.com/spor ... ick01.html

[url=http://utrockets.collegesports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/090203aaa.html]http://utrockets.collegesports.com/spor ... 03aaa.html[/url]

2nd Round

Name - Anthony Posteraro
School - Graceland K/P
Info - http://slam.canoe.ca/NFLCFLFuturesNews04/1220.html


Name - Nathan Hoffart
School - Saskatchewan SB
Info - http://huskies.usask.ca/profiles.php?s=1&g=3&pid=3

Name - Raymond Fontaine
School - Kentucky LB
Info - http://www.ukathletics.com/index.php?s= ... e_id=10351

Name - Martin Lapostolle
School - Indiana DL
Info - http://indiana.rivals.com/cviewplayer.asp?Player=3190


Name - Eric Nielsen
School - Acadia DB
Info - http://ace.acadiau.ca/sports/football/herald_111204.htm

Name - Chris Best
School - Duke OL
Info - http://www.collegefootballnews.com/acc/ ... ffense.htm

What does one have to do, or be, to be eligible for the CFL Draft. Do you have to be a Canadian Citizen? Also, what are some ways to contact scouts while overseas? I am interested in playing in the CFL, but am currently overseas playing ball right now; though I am American. Any info would be helpful.

Gunner13, you should hit the various team's websites as they post when and where they are holding walk-on try-outs. Generally though they are in the States. I don't know of any teams that hold anything in Europe. In case you didn't know though, CFL teams are bound to a Canadian Content quota and this will limit how many 'imports' they can carry on a roster. 19 of the 40 man roster can be imports, the rest are non-imports.

Who is a non-import? Not necessarily a touque-wearing, Labatts drinkin Hoser as you might expect. The rules are as follows:

a) A player who has never received football training outside Canada, or,
b) A player who participated in a game outside of Canada after his 17th birthday, but had prior to his 17th birthday received training only in Canada, or,
c) A player who lived an aggregate period of five years in Canada prior to turning 15.

Some other restrictions apply, like legal stuff, Can-You-Cross-The-Border type things, the CFLPA might be able to shed more light on that stuff. Good Luck!