Hey guys, just to let you ugys know... Im hard at work perfecting the 2005 CFL Rosters with the last 2 years of stats and it will be sweet!

Should be done by this weekend hopefully... stay tuned.

BTW, this is what you need to be able to download my rosters:
-Madden 2005
-Action Replay with USB port and mem card.

Ill post when they are done.

With the relationship with the nfl and cfl they should add cfl teams to it.

Sounds awesome! Do you have the defunct teams as well??? and the new uniforms??? (and old, cuz I don't like the new Winnipeg and Calgary ones).

That's great someone should build their own playstation CFL game,I'm sure you would sell alot of them in Canada.I'll invest in it!!

Good job MartyMix. Can't wait to test it. Who is Montreal's running back? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the players from 6 of the teams done… missing 3 teams and the adjusting of the ratings with last years stats…

This year… its gonna be some great!!

For Mtl, I have Jenkins as number 1, technically he is injured. But he also has stats in the CFL from before to boost his rating.

Does anybody else find Chris Cuthberg the most annoying commentator ever?I mean he just says stuff, for example the play Tor.vsBC when A.Bruce dove in the end zone and didn't catch it Cuthberg immediatley says "He droppd the ball". It wasn't a easy catch so he didn't drop it, he dove god! TSN should have kept Wells, and I can see why CBC let go Cuthberg.

–That’s wicked that you’re doing that man, I’ll for sure try and get it. A little poor timing though. Madden 2006 comes out in just over a month. Usually after that comes out, I don’t even want to play the older version. Any way you could get it on both?

What about the defunct teams?

Any interest in this year for the rosters???

cause Im going through hell to finish them with my computer being a pain in the ...

Well, I for sure am awaiting them, but interest might drop a bit if you don't get them out before Christmas! :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, anybody knows when Xbox 360 should come out? My Xbox station is dying (it looks painfull), and I don't want to replace it with another old Xbox if the new ones are about to come out.

MartyMix: can you send the rosters to me when you're done?

The NFL is gross for letting EA have exclusive license. EA is a crock of shit and should be dismantled.

calls for a Tecmo Grey Cup for NES

HAHAHAHA… i’m sold… i second that motion :lol:

and what exactly are you doing?

And damn, I only have Playstation 2.

Is anyone making rosters for the computer version? If anyone is, please let me know

If the NFL let everyone make NFL video games, it doesn’t give it much. Not much gives each of the 32 teams very very little.

If the NFL accepts EA’s offer for exclusive rights, it gives the league 300 millions $US. That’s 9,4 M $US for each team while they did nothing.

From that point of view, who can blame them? I would sell the exlusive rights to my life for way less than this. My life would make quite a boring video game, thouhg…

i can imagine. how long can you spend on a game where your character spends all day responding to posts on the internet. :slight_smile:

Hey, who would buy a game where you control a guy who must: cook food, eat it, wash the dishes, go to the bathroom, pee, wash his hands, shower, water the plants, get the trash out, pay the bills, work, etc…

No one, eh?.. Think again.

The Sims was a huge commercial success. How many versions of it did they make? There’s a lot of “nonsense cash” to pick up…

very true, i am impressed you remembered to add wash your hands after going to the bathroom. you get a star for that!