2004 rookie of the year gone?

i wasnt sure about the riders cutting santino hall
i thought he was showing great talent and should be a good defensive back for years to come

.......dude, the 2004 rookie of the year was Nik Lewis..........

Hall was the Riders' rookie of the year, R&W - I'm sure bonj didn't mean he was the league's rookie of the year, did you?? And yeah, he might have great talent, but from what I've heard, albeit from not entirely reliable sources, he also had a chip on his shoulder and an ego from hell - which would explain the Riders having to blow a timeout just to get him on the field for a punt in the second quarter when he didn't show up for it. Sad to see him go? Yes. Will I cry? No.


I hope the guy will sign in Montreal.

We got rid of Copeland, Cavil, Denson and Sanchez, so we obviously freed-up a lot of ego-room. We could add Hall and still be under the ego-cap.

He was released because of behind the scenes disagreements.

Santino has already contacted the bombers, he should be here by the weekend.

I thought he was practising with the Stamps this morning?

Seriously, gd taman.