2003 team(1-17) or this yrs team wut do u rather and why

I've talked about this alot with ppl and I much rather have the team we had back than and only win 1 game with danny mac and the boys than have this mess that we have now, that tea, had heart and were aloways close, this team has no heart, cant score points, and aren't even competitive, not to mention at least than players had respect for Lancaster, now they've given up on him, wuts ur thoughts?

[quote="ticatsyear2006"]IYour right! At least three season ticket holders in my box thought the same.
We also thought watching highschool footbal was more exciting.

If the coaches are clueless, the best you can hope for is really really really good 3rd-rate sandlot against a pro team. Them's the facts.

Erdman? How many pooch kicks can a team make in two games to reinforce the fact that his units HAVE NO RESPECT elsewhere in the league? Saskatchewan recovered one tonight, and out came THE GRIMACE. Pass another brick...and hit them!

Kavis Reed? Up and down...more down. Tonight he gets a pass from my vitriol, missing three guys in the secondary. HE HAS NO COHERENT DEFENSIVE SYSTEM, YEAR THREE INTO A PROGRAM.

Joe Paopao? One offensive TD in three games, none in three home games. Enough said.

Put the players we have on this team with any other staff in the league, they would be extremely competitive, IMHO. Not saying they would win it all, but there would be a sense that the rouge-a-thon would not be at play.

Oski Wee Wee,

In 2003, we had no money and a lot less talent, but we could have won on most of half of the games because the players cared for what happens. Plus we scored, and I don't recall getting shut-out during that season!!!!!

2006 is by far the worst team that I have seen.


1-17 Team had Heart
This years team dose not…

this years Team Reminds of Story
from Early years of Tampa bay Bucs in the NFL.

Someone ask the Head Coach Mckay about his Teams Execution during a game
He said he was in Favor of it…

That about sum up this year for cat Fans.

The 1-17 team had more heart, less talent. C'est fini.

The level of demoralization is clear. Players cannot become inspired because their coaches do not adjust to meet the challenges of the other team. There is no pride in getting smoked week after week with a one-dimensional offense, a dysfunctional defensive identity.

FLEMING FOR MVP? That is where it ends, my friends.

Atleast Our Punter Came Thought for us..
one of How many who should of..

1-17 team lacked talent and depth and in a fiancial mess this team has no character or heart. on paper too much talent,no answers. what a mess.

ill take 2003 over this mess, the 2003 team had no onwership, no flashy scoreboard, had the old school uniforms and they wre fighter with heart and played many closer games, this year's team has a bunch of prima donnas and guys that have no business coaching in the cfl.

Yes, the on-field performance during 2003 season in which the Ticats went 1-17 was mostly the result of the organization being very short on cash. It could be said that the team's performance on the field was not as much of a disappointment as there was no way the team could have brought in the kind of talent it now has. And the 2006 Ticats don't have the excuse of worrying about whether or not they'll get their paycheques each week.


So when it comes to performance on the field, the 2006 Ticats so far should be more disappointed than the 2003 Ticats were.

2003 had some exciting moments and players that wanted to win.
This team is needs to be taken behind the barn.