2003 Draft Preview Review of Casey Printers

I found an old copy of the Sporting News's 2003 Draft Preview so I went through looking for CFL players. The most interesting was a full review on Casey Printers. He was the 17th ranked QB.

Let's take a look at what it said:

17. Casey Printers, Florida A&M

6-2 200 4.60 Projected Draft Round: 7

NFL Comparison: Shaun King

Strengths: Shows a strong downfield arm. Can step up in the pocket and take hits. Has a good feel for pressure.

Weaknesses: Has been inconcsistent. His accuracy isn't great, and he tends to lose his control when under pressure. Hasn't shown he consistently can beat blitzes.

Bottom Line: Printers was a starter at TCU before transferring for his senior season. He was decent at the 1-AA level when healthy, but he never dominated. He could draw some attention in the last round or as a free agent because of his physical skills and productivity against 1-A competition before his transfer.


The comparison to Shaun King to me is priceless. The have a lot in common, they couldn't cut it in the NFL, came to play with the Cats and once Casey gets cut in training camp, they will both have been cut by the Hamilton Tiger Cats, the worst team in the league for the past 3 years.

He does have a strong arm.

He does step up in the pocket to take a hit but normally it's a sack.

He is inconsistent. His accuracy is questionable. Gets frazzled under pressure. He can't beat the blitz. He is descent when healthy, this might be a bit of a stretch. He dominated the CFL for 1 year.

Overall, the draft guide hit Casey Printers to a tee on how he has played since college. Normally they are way off in their assessment (Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer anyone?) but they hit the nail on the head on this one.

At the time of the right up shaun king was a fairly decent prospect so at the time to be compared to him would be a complement. its easy to put the guy down but he didnt exactly get the best developement he was kind of thrown to the fire and didnt really get a chance to succeed. Printers had a good year with bc but again to put him down in hamilton is kind of easy look at the team he is playing with. they are horrible look how many qbs have failed here. to make him sound as if he is a write off is unfair. if he is cut from hamilton he will pop up elsewhere in the cfl and very likely be very successful

Read Bobby Ackles' book for a good evaluation of Casey. He was happy to get rid of him. He has a ton of potential but a bad attitude and he won't improve his throwing motion or get in shape for the season. Get rid of him as fast as you can, he's literally poison to a football club. Imagine how much better Hamilton could have been if they'd had 1/2 Mil per year to spend on real players instead of a good-looking clip-board holder.

He isn't anything like King, King doesn't have a strong arm and can't scramble.

Printers is more like Randall Cunningham a qb who just wants to make big plays rather than read a defence and put drives together.

Ya Casey was BRUTAL the year he threw for 5,000 yds. and won the CFL MVP !!!

Well, the fact IS this team had $450k-$500k available to sign Casey and did because hiring blue-ribbon free agents hasn't been the m.o. of this franchise for forever.

Poison to a football club? Again, we aren't talking Terrell Owens here, folks. "Poison" gets benched in Wallyland...even for championship games.

2007 Tiger-Cats: going for a 3-15 season, sign Printers..glug glug aggggggggggggggggh the poison...is..setting..in and they wound up 3-15 in 2008.

We can discuss his lack of performance in an injury-filled 2008. I suspect however that most of the soured taste in Tigertown has more to do with the chicken sh-t salad on offer over the last several years (to borrow a Caseyism) and not just Casey being sub-par last campaign.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why don't we try giving Casey a half decent pass blocking o-line.
We alredy know they can run block,and while we're at it a couple of recievers that know how to react when the QB's in trouble for instance break off their routes and come back to the ball. Like what Flutie, Grigg and Morreale were good at.
Then occasionally he can pull it down and break off a good run. The above things are essential to a good offence that wants to maintain a good drive.
Otherwise it doesen't matter if Tom Brady or Brett Favre or the like is the QB it just won't work. the revolving door at QB will just keep going and going.
Casey can be the best QB in the league and he's already proven it but he can't be effective if he has to keep running for his life.

You people are pathetic. Imagine - we're a month into the offseason, and someone had to go dig up a report and put his own spin on it, specifically to slander Casey Printers. Tigerdirt, you really have a serious issue my friend. There is counselling available for that. Some people are so small minded. Thanks for reminding me why I hardly ever come to this forum anymore.

All I did was stumble across this jem by accident. My post was my opinion. Sorry if you don't agree with my opinion but that's how I feel. I don't appreciate being called out like this because I have a different opinion than yours. I am not small minded.

You are telling me that Casey is the exact opposite of the review? Casey has had 1 good season in the pros. 1! And to take from Dennis Green, "Why don't you crown his ass!".

And Quinton Porter had the exact same line as Casey Printers and he was moving the ball. So I hate when people use that excuse.

I didn't put any spin on anything. I was giving my opinion on the comments that were made about Casey and most of them were true. Can't beat the blitz, likes to go downfield, injury prone.

I knw Bengal that you are in love with Casey Printers but please don't do this again to me. I am greatly offended that you criticize me and don't offer your own opinion on the subject. This is what the forum is all about.

Private message me if you don't agree with my post but if you respond to this thread please stick to the topic. Since you don't rebutt anything I say, I assume that you agree with me.

Well put Tiger, very well put.

Bengal, you indicate that you “hardly ever” come to the forum anymore; if this is the quality of post we can expect from you, then I would suggest replacing “hardly ever” with “never” and we’ll all have a very Merry Christmas.