2003 1-17

Winnipeg headed for 1 win season.
Took my kids to the only win we had in 2003. 15 minutes before kickoff I notice that my 14 year old son is talking to Coach Lancaster on the sidelines. I laughed with the guy beside me because we both said that maybe Lancaster should be paying attention to the field. 5 minutes later my son is now talking to Saskatchewan Coach Danny Barrett...who promptly gives my son his hat! We still have it. I still give my boy credit for salvaging a win that year. Love the CFL

funny story catritch.

BTW, how was your son able to freely walk on the field and intermingle with the coaches?

sounds like he'd make a great insurance salesman. :smiley:

Easy...he just hung over the rails and called them over. We watched from the far side...just unbelievable...try doing that now.

I thought you meant he walked onto the field sidelines and just started conversing with both HC's.

your son must have a gift of the gab either way. :thup: